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Consulting Agency CEO Added $3.4 in 3 Years – E23

Today, Philip Nickerson from Aqua Production Systems is here with me. Philip has a fantastic story about how he’s grown his company from quite humble beginnings. Now, he’s a Hands-Off CEO and has scaled up to multiple 7-figures.

I wanted to share his powerful story because of the impact it’s had – not only for his family – but his community and the world.

Listen in to discover…

  • How creating a bigger vision and bigger impact in the community has fueled rapid profit growth
  • How a mission of giving has supercharged the effectiveness and happiness of his employees
  • How to create a culture that retains key employees when they are offered positions with much higher salaries and in more convenient locations
  • The simple actions to take everyday to create rapid growth and build something, even if you are too busy to grow
  • Success characteristics you need in order to scale a Hands-Off  multi 7 figure consulting agency

About Philip

Trained as an aquacultural engineer, I worked a very hands on position as Technical Manager at a halibut farm for 10+ years. There I learned the nuts and bolts of seawater treatment and temperature control and was forced to innovate, thanks to complete lack of a budget.

When I asked for a raise, my manager said no, but “feel free to take contract work on the side.” I started building. And within 3 years, I quit the day job.

Within six years of starting Aqua Production Systems in my basement (and 3 years working with Hands-Off CEO), we have four employees (and hiring more), sustainable revenue in the multiple 7-figures, AND increased profit percentage by about 100% this year over last. All while working less than 40 hours per week. We’re innovators and industry leaders.

These shifts in my business have enabled more time with my family and quarterly vacations. But we’re also able to support causes that we care about, including Fish for Hope. We create and support the economic engines of many rural Canadian villages and villages in the Congo as well.



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