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Added $1.5MM in 12 months

“Last year I had gross revenue around $600,000. Working with Mandi this year we reached $2.1 million for the year. So, pretty happy with 3 1/2 times growth. Thank you Mandi.”

Philip Nickerson, Aqua Production Systems



We doubled our agency in 7 months

“Being part of Scale to Freedom helped us double our agency in 7 months. But what was remarkable was that this happened durning a very challenging personal time for me. Someone close in my family suddenly went into the hospital. I got a text, and I literally ran to the hospital. It took me out of the business for a week. And I couldn’t get back to 100% for probably another month. Five years ago, that would have been disastrous for our clients because I was so involved in the day to day on so many different counts.

But this was a fantastic experience on the business side, Our team completely stepped up and took care of everything! I didn’t have to worry about any deliverables, any accounts, they were on top of everything, and keeping clients completely happy. Being a Hands-Off CEO is not about the 4 Hour-Work week. It’s very blissful. I am so much more relaxed these days because I can count on my team to crush it for our client. I believe in them 100% and it’s just a very, calming way of of existing.”

Tom Shapiro, Stratabeat



$100,000+ client signed in 9 weeks

“Over the 9 weeks of being in this program I have completely transformed as a leader, and business owner and it’s evident in the $100,000+ client we signed, and tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity I now see for my business. Speaking gigs, nurturing clients, solving 7-figure problems, the list goes on! I am so grateful to you and Jennifer and the entire tribe – sky is the limit!”

Allison Wasz, Macleod and Co., Minneapolis, M



We can now handle more growth without the stress and chaos

“Before working with Mandi I was working 60+ hours per week (weekdays/weekends/everyday), our team was being used in the wrong way and we were burning through good employees. I am now working a consistent, under 40 hours per week. I leave my business whenever I want, to vacation, to spend time with family, and my team keeps things running without me.

Mandi also worked with my operations manager to streamline operations with the team. Having my manager lead this effort gave her confidence and respect for the team so that she could take on more responsibility. Mandi also helped me navigate tricky conversations and empower my team to manage more capacity. This has helped ISM be more efficient and help the team all move in the same direction. We can now handle more growth without the stress and chaos. It’s been invaluable to become more hands-off in preparation of stepping back from my business.”

Michael Marlow, Information Systems of Montana



The sale of my business is closing and I am making more than I ever thought possible

Working with Mandi helped me get in the right frame of mind to sell my business. It’s helped to know the right things I needed in place for my business to be able to run without me so that I could make it more sellable. Mandi helped identify the missing systems and the bad eggs who were causing a lot of headaches in the business, and eating up profits. I learned how to get better work from my employees, and she helped me get the most out of a new operations manager who I promoted.

All this added up to a more hands-off business that could run more without me so that I had time to grow the income from my other business where my real passion is.

Ultimately the work we did together resulted in $10,000 per month of extra profit for my business and a lot less stress for me. The sale of my business is now closing and I am making a lot more from it than I ever thought was possible.

Randy VanderVeen, Discount Pallets



$87,600 extra profit in my business from just the first session

“I found $87,600 extra profit in my business from just the first session working with Mandi from The Hands-Off CEO. I was able to cut some of my workloads, and immediately found 11 more hours per week. Now I have more time to keep growing my business and I’m getting my weekends back. The best part is, shortly after starting working with Mandi I took a long trip away from my business and my team never handled it better.”

Tanya Korpi Macleod, Macleod & Co.



With a few changes we can increase our sales by nearly a million dollars

“Mandi identified very clearly the weak points we should focus on for the right changes. She helped us see that we can reach our goals with the same personnel and resources. With a few changes, we can increase our sales by nearly a million dollars within a year.

If you don´t know how to get out of the position you are at the moment, I do recommend to have a chat with her and put yourself on track to your goals. It is worth the investment in time and money. Thanks, Mandi”

Miguel Varela, Be Global



Last year was the highest revenue we have ever made.

I have been trying to scale up my business since May 2009 and I could never seem to get it to the next level I was trying to be at. Joining the Scale to Freedom program helped me break through the roadblocks to scaling. The real concreteness and the strategies that have been proven to work in other businesses, and the accountability aspect of going through the program, and having the group there, and having Mandi kindly, but not gently, push you through and keep you accountable.

I am closer now than I have ever been to being a hands-off CEO and sitting in that chairmen seat where I am working on my 2-3 portfolio businesses rather than a single business that I keep getting pulled back into. A great many positive things that happened in the 6-9 months since I join the program and I highly recommend it.

Last year was the highest revenue we have ever made. And it’s allowing me the opportunity to start to scale up and out of 1 business and start to leverage that time and get multiple streams of revenue going with other portfolio businesses.

Wally Waldron, Wally the Web Guy


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I was working 80-90 hours a week. My business has completely transformed!

I was working 80-90 hours a week and the work wasn’t done. I was going to have to continue working all day on Saturday and Sunday trying to catch up. Mandi really helped me to streamline my operations the rest of the way and actually bring on people to help me with that process. I didn’t actually have to do it all by myself.

At this point, my business has completely transformed, I have a bunch of team members who have total buy in. We’ve gotten to the point where this past winter, I hired for the first time a couple people who were trained by the other people on my team. I didn’t actually have to do the training and they don’t even report to me.

If you’re considering working with Mandi, then by all means, go for it. I have not regretted it for a minute. The other people in this coaching cohort are just incredible. I’ve learned so much from them! You can spend your resources on a part-time employee or you can hire a coach that’s really going to transform things for you and help you to take ownership of your business in a way that that is so much more difficult when you’re trying to do it on your own.

Casey von Neumann, Eclectic Music & Little Middle School


Mandi’s solutions work. PERIOD! You can’t go wrong with investing in her services.

“It’s only 33 days into 2015 and I am accomplishing things far bigger than anything I did in 2014.I am loving how Mandi really thinks in systems, scalability and is not afraid to ask you tough questions. Mandi’s solutions work. PERIOD! You can’t go wrong with investing in your business via her services.”

Shola Abidoye, Digital Author Labs


In just one session I feel like I have made a quantum leap forward in my business

Mandi helped me take a real top-level view of my business and identify some major inefficiencies that I never even considered, being too close to the business. She also helped me streamline and productize my services, put systems in place for scaling properly, and make some tough decisions. I’m extremely excited for it all to come together and really pay off in 2015.

Douglas Yuen, Efficient WP


Mandi’s help has allowed me to double my business in the last 6 months.

“Mandi helped me realize that if I wanted to grow and avoid burnout, than I needed to hire the right people. She taught me the steps I needed to take, and the kind of people that I needed to bring in so that I could scale production. Mandi’s help has allowed me to double my business in the last 6 months.”

Jenny Hill, J. Hill Artisan Felt


Mandi really knows her stuff.

“I thought I had things pretty dialed in, but as I talked to her I knew there were some areas she could help me and my company move forward. In particular, when and who to hire next. How I should go about hiring so that proper expectations are set from the beginning. How to establish my training processes and so much more. Definitely worth while!”

Justin McGill, LeadFuze


I’m going to get to only 2 days per week, over the next 2 weeks

“My chat with you was like lighting the fuse on the powder keg. It was just what I needed, and started an entire batch of changes that I’ve needed to happen for a long time. I’ve broken down what I need to do and what I don’t. I came to the realization that I don’t really even need to work hardly at all anymore. I’m going to try to get it to only 2 days per week, over the next 2 weeks.Stoked! Thanks!”

Travis Jamison, Supremacy SEO


I’m on target to triple my business next year and I’d be no where near that without Mandi’s assistance.

“Mandi helped push me where I needed to be pushed and held me accountable to reach my own goals. She helped by providing the framework and the resources to develop a better system and to hire people. I’m on target to triple my business next year and I’d be no where near that without Mandi’s assistance.”

Paul Kortman, Connex Social

Ready for help getting to the next level of freedom in your life, and growth in your business?

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Mandi helped me save a lot of energy from no longer doing grinding work. She helping me reformat how I am doing my business and move from a mindset of protecting what I have, to a growth mindset. I have so much more focus and I have a clear plan of exactly what I need to do in the next 12 months to reach my goal of adding $600k to my business.

Houston Harris, SwingleCollins


She is one of the smartest women I have ever known

“I have been constantly impressed by Mandi. She is one of the smartest women I have ever known and is a brilliant efficiency expert.”

Carrie Roldan, Business Consultant and Show Host


In just a couple weeks I was able to increase profit

“When I first connected with Hands-Off CEO, I was working an unhealthy number of hours. After spending just a few short hours with Mandi, I was able to trim my monthly hours by at least 20. What Mandi helped me to achieve was to not only did I free up time, but I felt as though I was finally in control of my day.

In addition to gaining the freedom of more hours each week, Mandi helped me set more appropriate fees for our services. In just a couple weeks I was able to increase profit by setting rate schedules that are more in line with the value we deliver our clients.

My overall expectations were exceeded. The ability to retrain myself to be more vigilant in guarding my time has been a game changer for me.”

Walt Conger, Founder, Click Control Marketing


Working with Mandi has been a game changer for me and my business!

“Mandi took the time to not only look at my schedule and the tasks I spend time on, but she spent the time to get to know me as a business owner. She helped me discover about 10 hours of week that I can get back by eliminating, outsourcing, or becoming more efficient. As business owners, time is usually our limiting factor to growth, so working with Mandi has been a game changer for me and my business!”

Joseph Hughes, The Dynamic Design Group


Thank you for the 23 extra hours you found me

“Mandi, thank you for the 23 extra hours you found me and for the killer ideas for generating more profit this month. As a result of our call, I’m already more focused, getting more done and on my way to achieving my income goal.”

Bruce Muzik


“The process was a breeze… the project manager we hired was a dream find!”

Josh Long, Digital Marketing Consultant


I’ve hired plenty of people.. but Mandi showed me a better way… training my new employee will take a fraction of the time

“Mandi came highly recommended, but I almost didn’t seize the opportunity to contact her. I’m really glad I did…

I was completely out-of-control when I first spoke to her. I tend to put off really important things that I know I should be doing because I really care about quality and I want them to be perfect. I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but it is tough for me to make the time to learn a better way or create a better process…because I’m too busy putting out fires. Basically, too busy being busy to get to not be as busy is the way it loops in my brain sometimes.

I’ve hired plenty of people in past companies, but Mandi showed me a better way, and most importantly she helped me break it down so I could take action immediately, when I would have otherwise put it off for months. Literally, when she started coming up with great ideas and things to be executed on, I subconsciously tallied the time it would take (or I thought it would take), and instantly relegated it to “sometime soon when I have an extra day or two” stack.

Mandi reined me back in and challenged me to break things down, talk about what was truly involved, and helped to set time limits for what needed to be done. I went from thinking “a couple days” – and we all know how quickly we can fit that amount of time in! – to realizing with her help that it would be no more than 4 hours, probably less. And the first step would be less than an hour, and it would pay dividends on its own, and already start to help me get my head more above water.

That’s the sign of a true expert in my opinion. She didn’t just put a few things on my plate and let me go flounder while I did homework for “her.” She helped me break things down, involving me and helping me see exactly how these things could immediately help me unbury myself. That made all the difference, and I’m already executing based on what we talked about and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So now, training my new employee will take a fraction of the time that I expected it would take. And my new hire will be up to speed much faster in my business, which means I will be free to bring in more income. And even get back to a more balanced life, which is the best thing of all.

Thank you Mandi, looking forward to a long relationship with you and your company!” 

Scott Harvey, President Honest PPC, LLC

The value she provided was beyond my expectations. I felt that she really cared about my success and moving me forward in my business.

Mandi helped me recover time in my day and redirect it to the truly important things in my life. She also helped me focus on the top-level view of my business and its overall structure as well as lower level processes that would impact efficiency. Her feedback and suggestions were extremely valuable and gave me a new perspective on many aspects of my business.I would urge you to take a look at her offer and contact her today to see if it would be a good fit for you.

Jay Schaefer, Adego Marketing



“You were instrumental for me in finding the love of my life and getting married! Being able to realize I can make time in my life for the things that I want and “I” don’t have to be the person to do it all!

Thank you!! It means a lot to me!

Kent Levi, Principal, Levi Marketing Co.


Mandi understands the nuance where the E-Myth falls short.

“Mandi understands the nuance on where the E-Myth falls short. As a service provider you can takes steps toward productizing services. But there is a tipping point you can only go so far before you devalue your services. She has a really good understanding of the next level. And is a cross between reality and greasing the wheels of operation in a services.”

Mike Ziegler, Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L.

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