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Keeping Your Client Pipeline Full-E58

Keeping Your Client Pipeline Full with Tom Shapiro – E58

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Tom Shapiro, the founder and CEO of Stratabeat, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow via branding, design, and strategic thinking. He is a marketer who understands what businesses need and crafts strategies to fill those needs. .


You’ll hear Mandi and Tom talk about:

  1. “What we’re seeing is that a lot of businesses are struggling with lead generation and struggling to increase the number of leads that they’re generating,” Tom explains. Businesses cannot hold on to the approaches and best practices of the past in the new sophisticated market. They have to adapt. Tom explains how. [4:30]
  2. Refine your focus as you teach. “The more that you focus…the easier it becomes to help your clients be successful,” Tom says. He and Mandi explore this, as well as a few more requirements for success. [9:40]
  3. Work with companies that are profitable. “You don’t want to work with companies with low profit – especially agencies – because they’re doing the exact opposite of what you’re doing in your company,” Tom remarks. Replacing clients because they aren’t profitable is costly, and it’s better to remove that risk altogether by not working with them at all. [13:22]
  4. Driving traffic is not all marketing is about. “It’s an actual human being who’s coming to your site, and they are making judgments on your business from every interaction, from every touch point, from every experience,” Tom states. [21:11]
  5. Rethinking your lead generation involves many different facets of your business but your audience has to be top priority. Make sure you are completely customer and audience obsessed. [26:17]
  6. Treat your clients like your friends. “If you’re gonna be working really closely with these people and they’re really good people, you know it just makes sense to care that much about them,” Tom adds. Connecting with the human aspect equals success for your business. [34:45]
  7. To generate more leads, ask yourself what would blow your clients’ minds. [40:30]
  8. Stratabeat has the perfect tools to capture more clients. “We use behavioral analysis software, so we can marry that up with exactly what they were doing on the page, how far down they were scrolling, what they were clicking on… and then we know exactly what they’re interested in,” Tom says. [46:00]



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