Scale to Freedom

Make more, working less.

Scale to Freedom is a proven growth methodology for advanced 6 & 7 figure consulting agency CEOs.
Install 5 key profit drivers to make your service

More Sellable


More Scalable


More Profitable

We are the elite solution to create rapid, sustainable profit growth, with less reliance on you, the CEO.

We support impact-driven business owners who are serious about growing their businesses past themselves. You've figured out the 'sales part'. but now you're looking at how to scale and remove yourself as the bottleneck to growth.

Our Scale to Freedom program is customized for your business model and stage of growth.


Which Stage is Your Consulting Agency?

Stage 1

You Want to Accelerate Growth.

  • You're balancing building systems while trying to grow the business.

  • Rapid growth will break the business.

  • You'd like to attract better quality clients that pay more.

Stage 2

You Need to Expand Capacity to Grow.

  • Everything is now stretched to the max.

  • You are the bottleneck to growth, which may be stagnant, or even declining.

  • You have no idea how to make this next leap.

We’re not your typical growth consultancy.

Most coaches or gurus sell you blocks of time. If you don't get what you need, they blame your lack of follow through. This model is not fair to you.

Instead, we offer outcomes.

How can we ensure such great success?

We've considered all the ways you could fail. And we engineer our programs to help you remove what's in the way of implementing. Which leads to incredible results. We also teach our clients to do this to deliver consistent quality, increase sales confidence, and command higher fees.

Implementing a new strategy to create rapid growth is especially difficult for visionaries. Many of us "suffer" from ADD. Focus can be a real challenge. Maybe things you've tried in the past haven't worked as you hoped. We take all that into consideration and have a clear pathway to help you stay on track. Working with a typical coach, they may be talented, but you are still the one driving it. Instead we help you set the right growth targets, and plan to get there. We help you implement, and we intervene when you are not moving forward at the pace we'd like to see.

What we are doing is helping you unlock your deepest level of entrepreneurial bliss and effectiveness.

You will learn how to get the support you need from your team to shore up weaknesses and unlock your greatest potential. When you start to experience this, your business and your life will never be the same.

It takes courage and 100% commitment.

It's hard work. And you must be willing to lead in your industry.

We’ve helped dozens of CEOs go Hands-Off and create spectacular results in their agencies with ease and flow, all while increasing profits.

AND we have FUN doing it! It’s a blast!


Scale to Freedom

Make more, working less.

Install 5 key profit drivers to make your service more Scalable, Profitable and Sellable.

  • Free up time to grow and generate more profits.
  • Get a customized growth plan to meet your personal and business objectives in your consulting agency.
  • Experience less stress, more ease, and more fun.
  • Attract excellent clients who pay more.
  • Lead your industry and deliver world class services.
  • Build leaders who run the business so you can grow it.
  • Energize and mobilize your team to help you drive growth.

The Scale to Freedom Process

Our proven Scale to Freedom Program, we help you install 5 key profit drivers to help you make more, working less.



Find Time NOW!

Free up 10 hours per week to focus on growth. Enjoy time and energy to create, drive growth, and solve important problems in the business.

Work ON your business, rather than IN it.



Predictable Scalable Growth Map

Strategically focus  your team on a clear action plan to achieve your deepest mission.

We'll create your One Page Growth Map after an in-depth Intensive Scalability Assessment.



Irresistible Service Product

Lasser focus on your most impactful services. Grow profits to finance growth.

A compelling, guarantee-able offer increases conversions and commands higher fees.



Scalable Delivery System

Scale your service, and deliver your promise with ease.

We’ll create a profitable team plan so you know exactly who to hire, and when, to build your business to profitably run without you.



Hands-Off Growth

Attract, hire, and develop an amazing Operations Manager to shelter you from the daily noise, and free you to drive growth.

Bonus: Mastermind coaching for your team lead by our Program Director who’s managed over 100 businesses.

Installing these 5 profit drivers enables rapid, sustainable service growth with less dependence on you. Develop your Operations Manager to manage your team to ensure quality service so you can grow with less stress and without putting in longer hours.

"Last year was the highest revenue we have ever made."

"I've been trying to scale up my business since May 2009 and could never seem to get it to the next level. Joining the Scale to Freedom program helped me break through the roadblocks to scaling. The real concreteness were the strategies, the accountability aspect of going through the program, having the group there and having Mandi kindly, but not gently, push you through and keep you accountable."

– Wally

marlow headshot

"We can now handle more growth without the stress and chaos"

“Before working with Mandi I was working 60+ hours per week (everyday). Our team was being used in the wrong way and we were burning through good employees. Now I'm consistently working under 40 hours per week. I leave my business whenever I want, to vacation or spend time with family, and my team keeps things running without me.

– Michael Marlow, Information Systems of Montana 

Our clients' results speak for themselves.

Consulting agency CEOs who use our strategy…
  • Uncover at least an extra 10 hours per week — guaranteed, to focus on growing profits.
  • Rapidly grow their consulting agency sales by as much as 100-200%+.
  • Attract clients that will pay 2-10X their original fees.
  • Have businesses they can leave whenever they choose, that can profitably run for weeks (or months) without them.
Want to see these kinds of results in your business?


Our unique methodology has been shaped and honed over the last 7 years to ensure results, so that you succeed — we won’t take you on otherwise. We’ve implemented it in businesses around the world and have seen some absolutely AMAZING results
We’re so confident in the Scale To Freedom framework that we offer 3 rock-solid guarantees.
  • 1
    You'll free up at least 10 extra hours per week to spend on growth, in the first week of working with us.
  • 2
    We guarantee 100% happiness. If you aren’t 100% happy with the work we do together during our initial Intensive stage (~3 weeks), we’ll cancel any further agreements and issue you a full refund.  
  • 3
    We guarantee 5X ROI. Our Scale To Freedom program methods are so effective, we can confidently promise a 5x return in 12 months. You of course have to show up and follow the process, but we're right there with you.

Want to see these kinds of results in your business?

Apply for a complimentary Scalable Growth Diagnostic Session.

Profit Share Partnerships

We accept more intensive projects on a limited basis. We bring decades of combined experience, plus dozens of vetted resources to bring every thing together.

 Partnership Possibilities:

  • Business turnarounds
  • Preparing for an imminent exit
  • Hyper growth expansion
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sell us your business