Case Studies


3.5X Consultancy Growth in 12 Months

Reduced Skilled Labor Needed to Grow

“Last year I had gross revenue around $600,000. Working with Mandi this year we reached $2.1 million for the year. So, pretty happy with 3 1/2 times growth.”

UPDATE: They are now over $3MM in annual sales in 3 years. They acquired a second business, and just added $100k of new profit to the business.

Philip Nickerson,
Aqua Production Systems,
Nova Scotia, Canada

Before working with The Hands-Off CEO
  • Philip’s time was constantly consumed with working IN the business.
  • No time to grow the business.
  • Philip’s expertise meant he needed to do much of the service delivery.
  • No budget to hire the $100k/yr engineer they needed to expand.

Steps We Took
  • We first found Philip more time. Nothing was going to change until he was freed up to actually work ON his business.
  • Three tweaks quickly uncovered Philip 90 extra hours per month to work on his business.
  • Empowered his team to make decisions without him.
  • Broke down what it would take to install a new system, without any breakdowns. We looked at everywhere it could go wrong. And created a startup checklist so things would go off without a hitch. And without Philip.

What We Accomplished
  • Eliminated the need to hire another engineer saving up to $100k per year in payroll.
  • 90 extra hours per month to grow the business.
  • Delegated the most time consuming part of the project that he dreaded.
  • Eliminated 38 overnight job site trips per year, so he could be with his family more.
  • Company grew 3.5X in one year, from $600,000 to 2.1M – mostly utilizing his current team.


Cut Costs by 67% and 2X Fees

Before working with The Hands-Off CEO
  • Working through the night.
  • 12 weeks to onboard every client.
  • Certain clients were sucking up too much time and focus.
  • Turning away new clients because of workload.

Steps We Took
  • Found 20 extra hours per week.
  • Eliminated 10 hours per week of meetings, his biggest thorn in his side.
  • Created a framework for delegation, adding 10 more hours.
  • Found thousands of extra dollars without adding to labor costs.
  • Discovered that clients wanted simplicity.
  • Simplified service delivery.
  • Built a success map to guide decisions.
  • Created a base template that allowed for customizations.
  • New process guided customers through all options.

What We Accomplished
  • Clients got outcomes 2 months sooner.
  • Doubled Fees.
  • System is easier to deliver and sell.
  • Lowered skill set for new hires.
  • Eliminated two months of development for staff.
  • Cut costs by 67%.


Cut Owner's Time in Fulfillment by 75% and Tripled Business Capacity

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Last year was the highest revenue we have ever made.

I have been trying to scale up my business since May 2009 and I could never seem to get it to the next level I was trying to be at. Joining the Scale to Freedom program helped me break through the roadblocks to scaling. The real concreteness are the strategies, the accountability aspect of going through the program, having the group there, and having Mandi kindly, but not gently, push you through and keep you accountable.

Last year was the highest revenue we've ever made. I am closer now than I have ever been to being a hands-off CEO and sitting in that chairmen seat rather than getting pulled back into trenches. And it’s allowing me the opportunity to start to scale up and out of one business and start to leverage that time to get multiple streams of revenue going with other portfolio businesses.

Many positive things have happened in the 6-9 months since I joined the program. I highly recommend it.”

Wally Waldron, Master Key Profits

Before working with The Hands-Off CEO
  • Growth stagnant.
  • Tried for 4 years to scale up.
  • Good at sales. Lots of opportunity. Limited by time and team capacity.
  • Too many clients, not enough income.
  • Huge burden to take on new clients. It took 45-60 days and up to 40 hours of business owner time.
  • Dream of acquiring other businesses, but no time to do it.

Steps We Took
  • Followed the framework of: consolidate, eliminate, delegate and automate.
  • Took clients through the process and made notes as to how our engagement went, and what we did in person.
  • Built a strategic framework for decision making. Broke down the value, and standardized parts of delivery so it was easier to delegate to his team.
  • Shrunk the whole process down to one 6 hour on-site meeting.

What We Accomplished
  • Cut owner hands-on strategic time by 75%.
  • Reduced project turnaround by 85% for high-touch, high-value marketing projects. (From 45-60 days to just 7 days.)
  • Outcomes and quality have improved. Fees increased.
  • Tripled business capacity without hiring new staff, or working more hours.

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