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Results, Profits, and Exit Strategies with Mark Arnold Ep.54

Growth Rate of 50% While Working Less in the Business – E54

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Mark Arnold, who is President of On the Mark Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in branding and strategic planning. Mark has written several books, and is an acclaimed speaker who specializes in personal growth, leadership, marketing, and strategy.  


You’ll hear Mandi and Mark Arnold talk about:

  1. “When I started, I couldn’t see everything that others could see,” Mark admits. “When the vision expands, the business expands, and sometimes there are self limiting beliefs that hold you back. It really helps to gain that outsider perspective to see a vision you may not be able to.” [2:29]
  2. Mark shares how he continues to make profits with less public input. “While companies are still looking for you, they’re hiring results. They want the results you deliver, so if you can make it more about the process than the person, that’s what helps.” He talks about the importance of having the right team. [5:39]
  3. “Are you a Superman leader or are you a Yoda leader?” The ideal is to be a Yoda leader; you should be a guide, not a superhero, Mark says. He explains why. [11:07]
  4. Mandi and Mark discuss profit margins. “People don’t understand that they’re stuck in the business because they [don’t have] the profit margins to hire it out without losing more and more money,” Mandi claims. [18:38]
  5. “You should have a few different ways that you can exit as part of your exit strategy,” Mark advises. “I still want to be involved in the company as much as possible [when I exit]… I want to put my energy into everything but less on the delivery so the delivery can be done without me. That’s where you want to go.” [23:07] 



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