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JEB Commerce helps retailers in the beauty, skincare, travel outdoor and gear and fitness categories generate 10 million dollars within 3 years through their affiliate channel.

They use affiliate marketing to augment their customer acquisition model beyond their traditional retail sales.

They help them generate revenue they wouldn’t have gotten any other way which is different than what some other types of affiliates offer. They developed a benchmarking tool on their site that demonstrates this for any retailer who wants to learn how much they can potentially earn with affiliate marketing strategies.

Case Study: Menswear Company – we instituted a program to save them 100K in commissions in a year buy using technology to track sales that weren’t truly affiliate-qualified. It was pure profit plus they saw an increase in sales.

Key insights: You have to know what to spend your time on, and what to avoid. You can’t chase every single lead that shows up. There is an opportunity cost, so every client that’s not right for you takes you away from bringing in the ideal client.

Part of the success in scaling the company is in the efficiency of staying focused and aligned. That’s also how he has continued to get great results for clients.

Jamie shares a key element of success is matching the passion of account managers with the retailers they work with.

Get the 4 categories for identifying clients that you know you can work with successfully.

Learn the 2 things that can hinder a client from reaching their goals. It’s something JEBCommerce helps clients move past so they can begin seeing increased revenue.

Jamie shares how having the right people has made all the difference is being able to move away from dealing with the daily aspects of running the business. He also realized that he had to empower his team and be the leader they wanted to follow and support.

Jamie shares his stress test story. His team was able to take care of everything when an unanticipated circumstance required him to be away from his business. He explains how that impacts the future. Changes and collaborations happened, even when he couldn’t be there.
• Decisive leader
• Trusting the process
• Delegating a big list to your team
• Mobilized our team and empowered them to own how to get things done

Hear how Jamie realized that many of his projects weren’t profitable. They had used data that wasn’t correct. Jamie went from not wanting to know because it might not reflect well on him to where he is now. Hear how he made the shift and how you can implement this for your business.

Find out how Jamie learned the benefits of being a process driven company. How do you get 20 years of experience one person has in the business into part of our company knowledge base? They had to figure out a way to do that – and it’s an strategy anyone can implement.

Jamie also shares how he has learned to make best hires and the importance of the company culture.

Jamie shares 4 key things he’s learned about becoming a hands-off CEO and the 4 things you need to do to thrive as an entrepreneur. This can make a huge impact for your business too.

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