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“Am I Where I Want To Be?” – The Hands-Off CEO Formula For Flowing Money and Abundance

The New Year and birthdays are a great time for reflection. These symbolic fresh starts are the perfect time to ask yourself: “Am I where I want to be? What do I actually want and why? Where might I be holding myself back from getting those results faster?”  

I recently reflected on my journey. My younger sister asked me how to build wealth faster and with more ease and what I would do differently looking back. 

“I would have believed in myself more,” I said. “I would have more confidently invested ahead, knowing I was the best investment I could bet on. I would have watched more carefully where I acted out of lack and fear, versus my vision and abundance.”

  1. I would have invested heavily in my earning potential before paying off debt or buying assets. 
  2. Then, the increased income could fund those assets. 

My husband and I did this, and it worked great! 

I became a millionaire in my mid-30s and a 100% debt-free multi-millionaire before 40. Before I was shy about talking about this, but I feel it would be a disservice not to. It was really hard to publish that in my book. I don’t say this to brag but to point out that the formula worked. 

And now, I work because I love leading my company.  

It’s the main street. Very simple. Here’s how to become wealthy with an agency or expert-based business AND pay down $950k worth of debt. It isn’t the mass market crap you’ll hear from Suzie Orman or Dave Ramsay. It isn’t the business growth celebrities who tout “turn your 9-to-5 into a 95.” Whose personal significance is tied up in how “busy” they are, how big their jet is, and how little sleep they need. 

Who celebrate their sick entrepreneurial lifestyle like a badge of honor.

But our formula is about flowing money and abundance. The life of the Hands-Off CEO is doing the internal work to lead an increasingly successful business – without it consuming you. It means finding joy and significance both in and outside of your business. 

This is why my book, our podcast, and all our content show you how to do it. In fact, it’s the mission we’re on. We want you to grow your team, grow your wealth, and provide growth opportunities for your team and make their lives better. 

We want you to have so much to share that you just can’t help yourself. To be able to wire money to that family member who’s hurting financially due to illness. To sponsor the building of that school for girls in Afghanistan. To play Santa for as many families at Christmas as you feel like. 

To have the extra time to mentor people in your local communities. And give back in any way, shape, or form aligned with the good you want to see in the world. 

You see… 

Wealth gives you options and enables you to become the very best version of yourself

Are you ready?

With our new additions to our 12-week Irresistible Offer Growth Intensive, we expect our clients to have doubled their pipeline value and made bad their ROI in 90 days. (We guarantee the return on investment for those who show up and follow the process). At that point, they can cut ties or continue with several support options to scale growth and mentor their team.

Would you like to build wealth, remove yourself from the day-to-day, and increase sales a lot faster? Schedule a Scalable Growth Session with our team to find out exactly what’s in the way of you having all that and more.


Let us help you Scale to Freedom

We help consulting agency CEOs free up 10 hours per week for strategic growth, command 50-600% higher fees, and unlock millions of dollars of profitable growth.
Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson helps service businesses with the tricky task of becoming scalable. Her passion is helping freedom seeking entrepreneurs scale the better way– for success in their business and in the rest of their life. Out of a decade+ experience and testing as a business manager, and then building and selling a design business, Mandi has created a system that is responsible for generating tens of thousands of dollars of new revenue for businesses she's worked with.

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