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Are You Delivering a 20X ROI and Standing Out From The Competition?

Most companies don’t consistently deliver a 20X ROI, and it’s nearly impossible for clients to tell you apart from the ones that can. In fact, most consulting agencies don’t even know under what conditions they can get great results and, more importantly, when they cannot.

Most providers won’t do the work to find out that last sentence. Not only is it time-consuming to bring that level of excellence to your work, but the knowledge now introduces a problem of knowingly taking on clients they cannot be successful with. 

Ignorance is bliss, and it’s easier to gamble on results with the client’s time and money. “Hey, if we’re successful, that’s one more great case study to add to our website!”

It’s much cheaper for those agencies to get another client than actually to deliver results. What would be better to say is “deliver on a promise.” Except… they have none. “Results depend and vary from case to case.”

This is the sea of mediocrity you’re competing in.

Business person checking with colleague if they are delivering the right results.

If you can’t clearly show a pathway to the result they want, your clients are speculating.

Usually, it’s a minimum of 6 months for clients to know if it is even working. Most agencies simply cannot deliver, so the risk/reward is not compelling.

Worst of all, the agency or service provider can get fixated on a metric and will often pat themselves on the back for the 200% increase in a metric that may do absolutely nothing for the business. 

But they’ll paint it as a success on their website.

The good news is that it’s actually easy to stand out.

The bad news is that it requires courage to stand out with an elevated vision for your clients and standing by results (because it means those companies need integrity in client selection and client delivery systems– which very few have). This also means proactively digging deep to understand your profit sweet spot clients. 

Then, proactively market your business to attract the more profitable clients you know you can deliver superior results. It means stopping being reactive and saying “yes” to far too much of the work that shows up at your door because you commit to creating something more significant.

That is where the real rewards are, and there is zero competition when you play at this level. Why? 

  1. Because others in your market are afraid or too reactive to do it. 
  2. You’ll have such a market focus toward an outcome your ideal clients badly want that they can’t get anywhere else. 

You become a category of one, and that’s the foundation you scale your business from.

But how do you safely make the leap– especially if you are already stretched pretty thin?

First, understanding that the root cause of the overwhelm, the client demands, and the team demands are due to the challenges created by the old way of operating. That way worked well to get you to where you are now, but a different strategy is needed to have the cash, profits, and space as the CEO to grow the business. You need to know that you can deliver award-winning client results without your intensive involvement.

We helped dozens of agencies create Irresistible Offers that remove the risk for the agency AND the client, where they can do their best work together. This results in longer commitments and fee increases of well over 300%. 

Recently, we created an offer for an agency that will now sell its services for $1M per year for a 5-year program + a giant success fee. We’ve outlined others on our podcast doing engagements worth $1M, though selling and scaling 6-figure offers are the most common. 

Our goal is a 300% increase over average fees, and the CEO rarely sees at the beginning how that will be possible. But agencies or consultancies don’t charge those prices; they graduate to become exceptional growth partners who do.

That’s the work we do at Hands-Off CEO. We take you as the innovator and help you focus and expand that value to attract and fill your business with your golden clients consistently. Then, scale by teaching your team to run those elevated services without you. And finally, how to sell those services without you so you can focus on scaling and adding millions of dollars of the right type of growth.

Want to see these kinds of results in your business? Reach out to schedule a time to chat about possibilities for your specific situation.


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Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson helps service businesses with the tricky task of becoming scalable. Her passion is helping freedom seeking entrepreneurs scale the better way– for success in their business and in the rest of their life. Out of a decade+ experience and testing as a business manager, and then building and selling a design business, Mandi has created a system that is responsible for generating tens of thousands of dollars of new revenue for businesses she's worked with.

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