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Scale Growth + Stop working IN Your Business

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Do you have a successful business or two, but are too busy working IN your business to work ON your business and scale growth?

We help people like you recover 10+ extra hours per week to spend on what matters. Then reinvest that time to grow your company without working more hours. We do this by finding hidden opportunities to lower stress and increase profits.

For example, we’ve helped a technology company standardize their client onboarding process. We increased quality, and also cut 8 weeks of development time. Not only did profits increase, but the changes allowed them to take on new clients and double fees. Brandon the CEO, went from working until 2am every day, to ending at 4pm. They are expanding their product lines, as the company runs with more ease, and without him.

As a busy owner of an agency, professional service or technology company, you simply have more to do than hours in the day. You’d love to scale up your business. But you keep getting pulled back into the day-to-day. And you just can never get to your own marketing. You know how to bring in more business, you just don’t have time to service existing accounts, and do it well. AND do all the business development… and then what do you do when those new prospects say yes? You would be short-handed, which means YOU have to step in a do more.

You want more growth. But you don’t want to become more trapped in the business.

If this is you, I can help!

Hi, I’m Mandi Ellefson, founder of Hands-Off CEO. I am a Scalable Freedom Growth Strategist. My talented team and I work with owner managed 7-figure consultancies, agencies, tech businesses, and B2B service business owners to first recover 40 extra hours per month. Then use that time to scale up without working more hours. We also offer a program for fast growing high 6-figure businesses called Scale to Freedom.

When you’re removed as the bottleneck, you can sustain dramatic growth in a way where quality increases. Delegating all the day-to-day demands accelerate profits.

To get there we must INNOVATE, to ACCELERATE.

That means that some things need to change. (Change is a scary word. But if you think you can keep doing the same things, and get different results, then please click away. Because we can’t help you.)

First, your business needs to become become a shut-up-and-take-my-money kind of business. You might already be there. Then we increase value, and then increase fees. We use that beautiful extra profit to finance your growth! All while selling gets a lot easier.

Voila! That’s how we find the money to grow.

Another word for that is leverage.


Do NOT attempt to scale your business without first finding the TIME and MONEY to fuel your growth. One of my favorite things is to put a business under a microscope, and find gobs of money in missed opportunities just sitting there. Ready for us to squeeze like a ripe, juicy orange. So much fun!

But what I want you to know, is that despite what many say…

You can SCALE + take home more income + get your business running without you.

 To whatever level is right for you. There are actually 4 different levels. That’s how you create FREEDOM. Except maybe you are so far in that you’ve gotten jaded, and given up on that dream. I’m telling you it’s possible. Not for every business tough.

Want to know if it’s possible for yours?

This sounds far fetched, but the hardest work is behind you. You built a company with a valuable service that clients want. You have a lot of opportunity. But your growth is limited unless you want to work around the clock. If this is you, know that you might be just a few pieces away from doubling or tripling your business in as little as a year.

There is a better way…. You DON’T have to pull 60-80+ hour weeks, or be a slave to your business.

You CAN have both rapid and sustainable growth.


“Last year I had gross revenue around $600,000. Working with Mandi this year we reached $2.1 million for the year. So, pretty happy with 3 1/2 times growth. Thank you Mandi.”

Philip Nickerson

You want to grow your business, without losing the lifestyle part. And have time left over to enjoy the things in life worth living for. I am on a mission to help you + thousands of other service business owners create that life and business. 


Last year was the highest revenue we have ever made. And it’s allowing me the opportunity to start to scale up and out of 1 business and start to leverage that time and get multiple streams of revenue going.

Wally Waldron, Wally the Web Guy

Want our team’s help to get you there too?

We are selective about who we accept as clients. We screen for committed owners with focus, at the right place in their business to be successful with my Scale to Freedom Formula.™  

We joyfully offer a very competitive guarantee.

Clients are thrilled. Or… They pay NOTHING.

We even pay them $500 if we’ve wasted their time.

Yes, you read that right. Hands-Off CEO is the only business in the industry who pays their clients if they can’t deliver results for them. We can do this because… we are the premier Hands-Off scalability experts. We are choosy about who we work with and have killer processes for getting results.

“In just one session I feel like I have made a
quantum leap forward in my business.”
–Douglas Yuen, Efficient WP