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“Am I Where I Want To Be?” – The Hands-Off CEO Formula For Flowing Money and Abundance

Define what do you actually want and why. And where you might be holding yourself back from getting results faster.

Free Up 10 Hours Per Week and Get More Done In Less Time

consulting agency founder discovering how to Get More Done In Less Time with hands-off ceo

How to reclaim 10 hours weekly to get more done in less time. You can then invest that time into focused work on the business, accelerating profits.

Are You Delivering a 20X ROI and Standing Out From The Competition?

Learn how to start delivering 10X and even 20X of your return of investment and stand out from the crowd.

Stop Making It So Damn Hard to Scale Your Consulting Agency – E56

Stop making it so damn hard to scale your consulting agency-E56

Mandi Ellefson discusses how to make growing your consulting agency simpler in this solo episode of Hands-Off CEO.   You’ll hear Mandi talk about: “It’s not that something is wrong with your business; it’s that you’re working way too hard.” Mandi shares why CEOs sometimes struggle with growth. [0:23] Mandi shares an example of a client who struggled to find…

Coaching the Client in Front of You with Dr. K. – E44

Coaching the Person In Front of You with Dr. K Final

Dr. Fern Kazlow talks to host Mandi Ellefson about innovative ways to scale your business and the importance of choosing a mentor that fits your current business needs. Dr. K is a clinical psychotherapist, a business strategist and a mentor who works with entrepreneurs, actors and highly driven people. While, most mentors teach you that being a high performer means…

3 Key Ingredients to Attract Higher Quality Clients Who Pay 50-200% Higher Fees

To attract higher quality clients into your world, you have to 1) attract their attention with a promise that they want, 2) confidently show them a clear path to results, and while you are doing this you 3) build trust. Lots of scammers promise the moon with just step #1. They are great at capturing our interest. But then neglect…

[Case Studies] Command Higher Fees to Scale Your Consulting Agency (Without Working More, or Hiring a Massive Team)

To scale growth without working more, you need highly SELLABLE service packages. And they must be more sustainable and profitable. Otherwise, you’ll have to work more and more with every client you sell. A LOT of the delivery work YOU will have to do because you’re the only one skilled enough to do it. Madeleine Silva had a fantastic service…

VALUE BASED PRICING GUIDE – How to Double or More Retainer Fees Even in Tough Market Conditions

Clients have always wanted results (not deliverables). But now they won’t invest in anything without a very CLEAR PATH TO SUCCESS. This means that to thrive in a downturn market, you may need to retool your services to communicate and deliver more certainty. In good times this framework I am about to share with you has added millions of dollars…

3 Ways You Can Fail with Hiring an Operations Manager – E27

Next to hiring salespeople, hiring an Operations Manager is the most difficult position to hire for. I’m going to share the three ways that we see CEO’s fail when hiring a Second in Command. And then how to get them right. Even if you find a great candidate, you won’t be able to retain them for long if you haven’t…

How to Get your Sales Team to Perform Better (Even If It’s You) – E26

In today’s episode, we highlight one of the tools from Scale to Freedom that we use to help our clients get better results with sales AND be prepared to hire and train a sales team. Listen in to hear how our Client Success Map helps you and / or your sales team buy into the true value of the service you’re…