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[Case Studies] Command Higher Fees to Scale Your Consulting Agency (Without Working More, or Hiring a Massive Team)

To scale growth without working more, you need highly SELLABLE service packages. And they must be more sustainable and profitable. Otherwise, you’ll have to work more and more with every client you sell. A LOT of the delivery work YOU will have to do because you’re the only one skilled enough to do it.

Madeleine Silva had a fantastic service helping Physicians offices to become more profitable. But everything was so custom. She was capped out both in the number of clients she was working with, and also the income her company could bring in. She has so much more to give. But, this frustrating catch-22 prevented her from scaling her company.

She came to Hands-Off CEO to fix that.

First we got clear on the actual value she can offer clients. What we found was that she was NOT communicating a key piece of the value they deliver. They could recover hundreds of thousands of dollars of pure profit for the practices with a strategy she had totally taken for granted.

We helped her download the magic from her head. And put it into a clear message and visual selling tool called the Client Success Map. This focused her selling and directly credits it for enabling her to go from selling a $35K offer to a $300K package within weeks of putting this together. (These are atypical results, but 2X is very typical.)

We followed the same process with Allison Lanier.

Unlike Madeleine, she was unclear on their target market. And wasn’t sure who they could consistently do their best work for. We helped her and her team identify that Food Marketing was their most powerful target market they could generate results for in their agency. We crafted and visually designed a Client Success Map sales tool which attracted a $120K client in the first 9 weeks working together.

Allison’s company has moved from “just another expensive marketing agency” to a Food Growth Marketing Partner that adds a million in sales in 12 months— guaranteed. She’s become a trusted industry expert.

Now you might not think you can provide these kinds of results. And neither did Allison when we first started this. But now she can confidently sell their service packages to this market. And be there to lead them through this crisis. These are the kinds of consulting agencies that get meetings when all others are being put on hold.

[Want my help to create these results in your business? Scroll to the bottom for a limited opportunity 90-day growth intensive we’re offering starting next month.]

Here is what Allison and Madeleine did to Increase fees and DRAMATICALLY INCREASE PROFITS…

  1. Solve a bigger PROBLEM – $1M+ is best. You might not yet know how to do that. And that’s OK.
  2. Make a bigger PROMISE – this is the tricky part and is why most CEOs seek us out. We can help them uncover their best work and we’ve had clients 2-10X their service fees. Even ones with a great service, but weaker sales skills. That’s the power of a great offer, backed by a leader with integrity.
  3. Be relentlessly CHOOSY about your clients – only consider your best case studies when selling solutions because from now on, that’s all who you’ll be working with.
  4. ANTICIPATE failure points, and everything that could go wrong. Qualify based on that criteria.
  5. Target and HUNT – Don’t wait for your best clients to come to you. Or you leave A TON of money on the table. And can help a lot less people.

Want my help to attract better clients, and get laser focused on the right offer, that you can sell for 50-200% more?

  • What would it be like to get bigger commitment from clients upfront? What would it be like to eliminate the testing BS that ties your hands, making it harder to do your best work?
  • What would it be like to receive higher initial investments so that you can actually hire more support to do the work?
  • What would it be like to have CONFIDENCE in your next level “Irresistible Service Product”? That’s way easier to sell— even in this tough market?
  • How much more compelling would your marketing be if you knew the most ideal client to target, and how to talk about their problems in a way that makes them excited to have a call with you?

We are accepting applications for a new special program we have never before offered stand alone.

Up until now, we’ve targeted mostly 7-figure consulting agencies. But I’ve been feeling called lately to help more 6-figure consulting agencies to grow to their first $1M. Honestly it’s a lot more work than what we do with our current clients. (And my mentor will likely give me heat for detracting focus.)

But I’m feeling called to offer this. And to serve in a bigger way.

We have only 3 spots left, and they’re filling up fast.

We start June 10th.

This takes FOCUS and a high level of commitment to follow a proven process. We are accepting only business leaders with BIG visions. And who want to make the world better with their businesses.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply to work with us.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together in just 90 days.

Irresistible Service Growth Intensive

WEEKS 1-4: Your “shut-up-and-take-my-money” offer

  • Laser focused offer, elevated target market, pricing strategy and promise to attract clients who will pay 50-200% more. Yes, even in this market.
  • You’ll actually have less competition because prospects are ignoring everything that doesn’t speak to their most immediate need. Which we’ll help you uncover.
  • We’ll craft the messaging with you, and our designers will lay it out into a visual sales sheet we call your Client Success Map.
  • Clients use this to pre-indoctrinate prospects. They use it in pitch decks, website copy, referral shock-and-awe packages, books, videos, webinars, and content marketing.
  • It’s the foundation for your entire marketing AND scalability foundation strategy.

WEEKS 4-8: Sell at least 1 client at $50K+

  • We’ll set up a very simple process to test and validate your offer. How? We’ll sell it!
  • We’ll help you connect with your ideal clients in a way that gets their attention. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone. We’ll be making it rain.
  • And it will be so exciting to see the change in your prospects. Jamie Birch’s team has gotten referrals from prospects because their offer is so hot. It sells itself. But you have to get it in front of those who you can help.

WEEKS 9-12: Accelerate Client Attraction

  • Together we’ll build long term marketing assets to consciously attract your most ideal clients that will pay most for your services.
  • Rinse and repeat, we’ll build your marketing process to attract clients.
  • We’ll help you uplevel your sales skills so you can handle selling bigger ticket offers, with more ease. I developed a whole trust based selling process from 12 years of coaching with top level sales and marketing experts. I’ve spent $100K+ learning and mastering these skills. The learning curve was very very steep for me. But I’ve found a few easy strategies to authentically build trust faster. And show a clear path to success so the risk of working within you is very low for the client. (But in a way that your risk is managed so you don’t lose your shirt.)
  • This will give you the cash flow, and profit, and confidence to sustainably scale a multi-million dollar consulting agency.


  • You must provide tangible, transformative OUTCOMES to clients. You have solid client case studies to point to. (We can help you write them.)
  • You take RESPONSIBILITY for client results. And you implement strategies to help them grow faster (This is not for coaches.)
  • You are willing to work hard for a short time to build a REAL BUSINESS ASSET that buys you freedom for the long term. (If you want the “4-Hour-Work-Week” or “lifestyle business,” this isn’t for you.)
  • You are *COMMITTED* to scale a million dollar consulting agency. (Not just interested.)


  • Double your investment in 90 days. If you complete the weekly actions, we’ll work with you for free until you hit it. (If you faithfully did all that, and thought it was a waste, we’d give you a full refund minus a small processing fee.)
  • Sell at least 1 new – $30-50K+ client.
  • Funding options available so you don’t have to actually pay for the whole program for up to 36 months! Invest without a huge cut to your personal income. How much growth could you create for yourself during that time??
  • Get access to the very best support for your business without having to wait! Be “ready” for growth RIGHT NOW!

Obviously you do have to qualify. (I’ll teach you how to qualify your clients for top level quality too.)

We are out to change the world through the leaders who we support. So my team and I need to really believe in what you are doing so we can give you our very best as we partner with you.

Are you our next biggest multi-million dollar success story??? Apply for a Scalable Growth Diagnostic Session.


Let us help you Scale to Freedom

We help consulting agency CEOs free up 10 hours per week for strategic growth, command 50-600% higher fees, and unlock millions of dollars of profitable growth.
Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson helps service businesses with the tricky task of becoming scalable. Her passion is helping freedom seeking entrepreneurs scale the better way– for success in their business and in the rest of their life. Out of a decade+ experience and testing as a business manager, and then building and selling a design business, Mandi has created a system that is responsible for generating tens of thousands of dollars of new revenue for businesses she's worked with.

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