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3 Key Ingredients to Attract Higher Quality Clients Who Pay 50-200% Higher Fees

To attract higher quality clients into your world, you have to 1) attract their attention with a promise that they want, 2) confidently show them a clear path to results, and while you are doing this you 3) build trust.

Lots of scammers promise the moon with just step #1. They are great at capturing our interest. But then neglect to do the last 2 items so you see their true colors. You can also get this “off” feeling when you talk with them.

Don’t ignore that.

To clearly show how you are different when making BOLD offers, backup claims with testimonials and case studies from credible people. And show very specifically how your process works. (Do you like our new website?)

You also have to have the chops to deliver it. And we find agencies can do A LOT more than they might think when they follow our process to accelerate client results so they can attract better clients.

Most consulting agencies are so afraid of overselling themselves, that they all sound the same.

When asked “what can clients expect to get working with you for 12 months”, you hear… “It’s hard to say. There’s so many variables involved. It really depends.” (Real answer yesterday.)

That’s not good enough.

It does NOT give any confidence to the buyer. If you want to be the top in your industry, and charge top dollar for your services, you need to be more specific.

Let’s break down an example. I said:

Increase agency fees 50-200% in 90 days– GUARANTEED

  • WHO is it for? Consulting agencies that want to scale, they deliver actual results (not just fluff)
  • WHAT do I get? Guaranteed Increase fees 50-200% $30-50K+ (we have lots of clients selling $100k+). 2X ROI in 90 days.
  • HOW LONG? 90 days

Notice I didn’t once say “it depends.” Because your eyes would have glazed over.

And here is the thing… IT DOES DEPEND! But we only accept clients for the program that meet a certain threshold. Not any yo-yo off the street. It’s based on middle of the road results that we can realistically and routinely generate.

There are A TON of opportunities right now in this market. But only if you can clearly articulate exactly what your service can do for the client.

If you can’t, you are tuned out with the rest of the market. The ones get all the attention, get ALL the attention. It’s very polarizing.

Prospects want a low risk investment. If you can’t prove that, you are gone.

Watch in months and years coming and you’ll see the market shift to demand results. Will you be ahead of the curve starting right now and scooping up market share? Or will you be the weaker competitor in your market that gets dumped? Please choose to change now.

What it DOES mean…

  • Selling outcomes representing the very best work you’ve ever done for clients.
  • Making BOLD (unnerving) promises and standing by them.
  • Laser targeting your most ideal clients and creating for them an opportunity (rather than sitting around waiting for them to come to you).

Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But I am OK with pushing you out of your comfort zone if that means helping you create an outstanding, best-in-class consulting service that you can charge top dollar for.

Want my help doing that? We have a special 90 day program starting this month designed to do just that, with financing options so you can keep your cash and have ridiculously low payments. (Even over 3-5 years!)

But… There are only a few spots left. Apply for a Scalable Growth Diagnostic Session.


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