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How to Get your Sales Team to Perform Better (Even If It’s You) – E26

In today’s episode, we highlight one of the tools from Scale to Freedom that we use to help our clients get better results with sales AND be prepared to hire and train a sales team.

Listen in to hear how our Client Success Map helps you and / or your sales team buy into the true value of the service you’re offering and make the connection between marketing, sales, and operations.

Increase Confidence, Conversions and Profits

I’ll share about how Jamie has used the Client Success Map to generate a huge increase in profits based on:

  • the kind of results they can create under the most ideal circumstances
  • what their clients need to have in place
  • what their very best work looks like
  • a method for ensuring those things happen EVERY time
  • an amazing guarantee

Jamie has tee’d up his sales team to have the confidence to close the sales (and to close them for a much higher ticket).

When you have this level of certainty, it actually brings in really excellent level quality clients. And increases your conversion rate.


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