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Getting Past Stagnation to 35+% Growth Year Over Year with Shaun Buck – E25

Shaun Buck owns The Newsletter Pro, based out of Boise, Idaho. It’s now a 60+ member team and the nation’s largest custom print newsletter company. His $10MM marketing services company maintain aggressive growth  because it can run without him for months.

#120 on Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies list

Shaun and The Newsletter Pro landed at No. 120 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. And has collaborated with marketing guru Dan Kennedy to co-write the No B.S Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention.


8 Figures with Only One Offer

What I was so surprised about was that Shaun’s company has gotten to 8 figures with 1 offer. In fact, eliminating 2 of their 3 offers is what freed up all the resources to double growth and hit $1MM 2 months later. You do NOT want to miss this episode.

  • When to hire and how to know if you’ve waited too late.
  • The stages they went through to scale to 8 figures.
  • Where growth stagnated, what caused the stagnation, and how they got past it.
  • The single biggest thing that they did to double growth in 2 months, and get to a $1MM in sales
  • The biggest mistake business owners make with hiring.
  • How to make sure you are growing fast enough as a leader to stay ahead of growth 18 months down the track.


Please Text “FREE” to (208) 269-9111 for a FREE copy of Shaun’s book:  “The Ultimate Guide To Newsletters


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