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How to 4X Agency Fees, Get Better Outcomes for Clients and Explode Profits – E19

Are your clients so confident that you’re going to be able to get them the outcome that they want, that they don’t feel hardly any risk at all moving forward with you? 

When your clients feel you’re risky, you are likely leaving an enormous amount of money on the table. Follow what I share in this podcast to project solid confidence to your clients.

And you can increase sales conversions and command higher fees.

Qualifying Your Clients

How much pain? How important is it them for them to actually make this happen in their company? Do they have everything needed in place to deliver an amazing result for them? 

You want to get your selling process to that point. You can qualify and work only with the very best type of clients. The most profitable, and the most enjoyable to work with. 

Lower Risk = Higher Fees

A good guarantee lowers the risk for your client, which increases the fees they’re willing to pay for your services. 

If you’re not able to 4X your fees right now, then you haven’t earned the level of trust and confidence with your clients, so they won’t pay any more than they already are paying for your services right now.

Averaging It Out

When you are averaging out your clients results between your very best clients and your very worst clients, then you’re watering down the outcomes that you can actually get for your clients. Don’t be that guy who promises the moon and delivers a whole lot less than that. Make sure that you are doing what’s right for the client.

Five Tips for Increasing Fees and Dramatically Increasing Profit

  • Solve a bigger problem: To charge more, you just need to have a bigger problem to solve.
  • Make a bigger promise:  Make a bigger claim – not based on an average of your worst clients and your best clients. Eliminate the bottom, then target clients exactly like the top 20% of your clients. Go after the prospects for which you can create high six and seven figure results. Solve big problems for them and make a big promise,
  • Be relentlessly choosy about your clients: When you respect the level of outcome you can get based on the different kinds of clients, then it allows you to do is be very choosy about your clients. You can reserve your limited bandwidth for the clients that are going to be the most profitable for you that you can really do your very best work for and be compensated.
  • Target and hunt:  When you have a really big long list of different clients that you can work with, then it makes it very easy to turn away the ones that aren’t the perfect fit. Then you can choose the ones that you can do your best work for, the most profitable types of clients, and the most joyful types of clients to work with.
  • Anticipate failure points: Looking at everything that could go wrong in the service delivery, so that you can anticipate failure points and actually guarantee services. You and your team can have confidence that everything is going as it should. 

Final thoughts

The rate that you’re charging right now is a representation of the level of confidence that you project to clients and the level of trust and confidence that you have, that you have actually earned with your clients. You’re wondering why you can’t charge more. I’m wondering why you’re getting price resistance from clients.


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