Boldly dominate your market. Charge top fees.
Attract world class clients that you can do your best work for.


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“This could have been a $5000 course. This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.”

– Charles Kirkland, Trinity Marketing Agency, St. George, SC

Consulting agencies often aren’t properly financed to scale. Some mistakenly think they need to get an investor or some other cash injection. Other CEOs endlessly reinvest back into the business. Cheating their family of income.

Boy, have I been there too!

But now, I have found a much better way to finance rapid growth. It’s building a sizzling hot offer, that your next-level clients are happy to pay more for. A LOT MORE! We have seen our clients be able to as much as 10X their fees. They are able to do this, and become the standout leader in the market by delivering more actual value. And standing by it too.

How would it transform your business if you could consistently attract clients that will pay 2-4X higher fees?

It would dramatically increase your profit. Wouldn’t it?

Then you could finance your own growth, and pay yourself what you are worth. Without the having to garnishing your wages by constant “reinvesting.”

In the last two podcast episodes, we showcased two different Hands-Off CEOs.

  • Tom Shapiro was able to 2X his agency in 7 months. During that time he was able to drop everything. While the team ran the business for weeks while he attended to a terrifying family emergency. When we first met, Tom was pretty worn out. He has scaled up, and then back down again. Business growth was so dependent on him, that it was just too stressful to grow. He just didn’t have anymore time. He developed a more robust guaranteed offer, and we developed a program that would double client leads in 12 months for every client. And the premium high 5 figures services were selling like hotcakes. 
  • Jamie Birch’s agency were losing money on ⅓ of their projects. And they went to creating meaningful profit growth, with every client being profitable. He’s developed a winning offer and growth program. They are now able to guarantee to add $10MM in 3 years for specific industry verticals. Groundbreaking!

How do you think guaranteeing a $10MM paycheck will impact sales conversions for them? Well, they are attracting in Fortune 500 brands. And it’s completely transforming their sales process.

If you had a big offer like that, consider…

  • How much easier would it be to start conversations with prospects?
  • How much more will a company invest for an outcome?

Now I know these numbers are likely bigger than you are working with, but these are the kinds of questions to ask if you are serious about rapid grown- AND if you want to…

Dominate your market. Charge top fees. And attract world class clients.

What I am suggesting here is unorthodox. It may feel scary because it goes against the grain. It’s out of your comfort zone. And you might wonder how or even if it would work for your business.

Your industry will say “we can’t guarantee services because there are too many variables outside our control.

Will you buy into their limited thinking???

Or will you instead stand by your work in a BIGGER way? Will you claim that space for your company– while creating the profit to scale your agency or service business?

Then you can afford to employ great talent to get increasingly better client outcome (AND have more profit to pocket).

Want my help to make this happen in your business?

Join our small limited, Agency 4X Fee Guarantee Workshop. We will cover the path to build a better offer, guarantee your services, and attract clients who pay more.

“One of the most valuable workshops I’ve ever attended! Really fresh approach on risk reversal.”

- Cloris Kylie, MBA, Beyond Influencer Marketing, West Hartford, Connecticut

We’ll also cover HOW TO…

  • Create a market dominating offer.
  • Use a compelling guarantee that is low risk to you, and can increase sales conversions without dropping your fees.
  • Attract world class clients so that you can pick and choose who you want to work with.
  • Price your services to new clients so that you can maximize profitability without ripping off clients or leaving money on the table.
  • Make your service tangible to clients so they have confidence to invest.

There are a maximum of 5 seats available so each CEO gets an opportunity to be coached by me and my growth team.

Seats are LIMITED. Only our premium clients who’ve invested in long term support have had access to this training. For that reason, the last 3 sold out in just over a week. And we expect this one to also fill up very quickly.

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About Mandi and Hands-Off CEO

Hi, I am Mandi Ellefson, the Founder of Hands-Off CEO. Over the years, I’ve tested and refined a program that frees owners of  successful agencies, and allows them to accelerate growth, without them being the only person actually causing the growth.

And I can say that with Scale to Freedom, our clients have we’ve gotten pretty magical results.

Here is a sampling…

  • Philip Nickerson increased revenue from $600k to $2.1M in 12 months.
  • Help him uncover $100,000 of net profit growth in just Q1 this year.
  • Now selling $1MM+ contracts
  • Tom Shapiro, a successful agency owner, doubled sales in 7 months.
  • Business became “bliss and zen.”
  • He can now “100% trust his team” to run the business without him. Before his company was totally dependent on him and they couldn’t grow.
  • Tanya Macleod added $88k PROFIT in her first session.
  • Then got her weekends back.
  • Then got the agency to run for a year 100% without her due to a family emergency.
  • Then sold the business. (The new CEO is now a 2nd generation client.)
  • Brandon Burke dramatically increased profit by 1) cutting costs by 67% and 2) Doubling fees.
  • Doubled total income in 18 months AND starting another successful company.
  • Went from working until 1am every day (sometimes worse), to just 10 hours per week.
  • Works less than 40 hours per week between multiple businesses.
  • Jamie Birch completely innovated his agency service beyond his wildest dreams with a promise to “Add $10MM in new sales in 3 years…”
  • The new pricing strategy will add tremendous PROFIT to his company (1/5 – 1/10 of ROI is the right number – you do the math).
  • They have massively up-leveled the whole team too as he’s stepping into the director role.

100% Happiness Guaranteed


“I loved the workshop. Through the workshop experience, I was able to see a clear path to at least tipple my revenue for each and every month and it isn’t as far off as I had thought. I had quite an aha- moment that was very powerful for me and I am so pleased to see that I’ll still be able to have the lifestyle of freedom and flexibility that have created and at the same time have a much bigger impact. This is so exciting.Thank you for the new clarity I have received in only such a short time.”

Christine Schlonski, The Queen Of The Sales-Success-Mindset, Berlin, Germany

Want to make this happen in your business too?


I will be teaching you the foundation. The 80/20 that makes it all work.

The most important pieces that you MUST get right to sustainably scale your agency or consulting business.


Steve increased fees 70% in less than 3 weeks & with some of their best clients.

“Before attending this workshop I offered results guarantees, but it didn’t work. I put a lot of pressure on myself because it was always up to me to deliver, and the client didn’t have any responsibilities. I added the performance guarantee right after the webinar. We increased the price 30% from $5,000 to $6,500 and within 2 weeks we got 2 new clients at the higher rate!

I admit I did freak out initially when I put it on the sales letter. But these are some of my best clients.

So I’ve decided to immediately raise the price 70% to $8,500 because people are signing up too easily. If you’re thinking about attending the workshop, I highly recommend it. Take what you can from it and implement it. This has been a game-changer for me and my business.

I’m big fan of Mandi’s if you’re thinking about attending the workshop, I highly recommend it. If you’re not putting some sort of guarantee on your work right now you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.”



Video Marketing Agency Owner

“If you’re an agency owner and don’t already have an offer where you guarantee a certain result—and get great profit from it with every client—Mandi’s workshop may very well be worth 1,000x its price for you.”



Marketing and Conversion Expert

“Mandi’s workshop is a must attend for any consulting agency owner who is looking for clarity in terms of scalability, and how to make big profit improvements.”



Samson Consulting Limited, Portishead, Bristol, UK

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