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Podcast with Jamie Birch

Ultimate Comeback Story – Leading Expansive Growth in Uncertain Times – E40

What did it take to thrive as a business during a global pandemic

Jamie Birch is the founder and CEO of JEB Commerce, an award winning full service, online marketing agency specializing in performance marketing.

In this podcast, Jamie shares his insights into what it took to “not only survive but thrive” during COVID-19.

Jamie was able to focus on strategy, leaving the day-to-day running of the business to his team, knowing they would be able to solve problems on their own and follow the systems and processes in place

Listen in to find out:

  • What is possible as a hands-off CEO
  • How to set up your team to work autonomously
  • Why you should create a clear vision for yourself and your team

Final thoughts

Jamie has been working with Hands-Off CEO for three years. Thanks to this dedication, his agency was prepared. Everything that could have gone wrong did. But, while “some days are better than others”, Jamie is proof that with clear vision, your trusted team will thrive – even in a crisis.

Join our Executive Briefing Wednesdays at 1pm Mountain Time. This group briefing outlines exactly what Jamie learnt that led him into 2021 with more cash flow reserves than ever before. 

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