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Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Gen with Nathan Kievman E53

Why You Should Outsource Your Lead Gen with Nathan Kievman – E53

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Nathan Kievman, a world-renowned demand generation expert and business growth strategist. He is the CEO of Linked Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in measurable client and talent acquisition campaigns. Nathan is an entrepreneur, executive engagement specialist, and a digital marketing strategist.

You’ll hear Mandi and Nathan Kievman talk about:

  1. “I’ve always had a passion for interacting with the leaders of leaders,” Nathan says. He talks about how he started his company. [2:16]
  2. “Executives are decision makers. They’re comfortable with making fast decisions, or they wouldn’t be in their role.” Nathan shares how an understanding of philosophy and psychology helps you have better conversations with executives. [6:31]
  3. Mandi and Nathan discuss when the right time is to outsource your lead generation. “I don’t think it makes sense to have it in-house, ever…It’s way more expensive to build it internally. To build a really powerful lead generation engine for your company, you need a great copywriter, great data scientists, a great project manager, data entry people, etc.” [16:12]
  4. “You need a partner whose expertise you believe in,” Nathan remarks. “You believe in their content capability and their ability to test and pivot, because marketing is a game of testing and pivoting.” He shares insights on what to avoid when looking for lead gen experts for your company. [23:21]
  5. The difficult thing about marketing is that you’re planting and watering a seed that you’re unsure will spread out, Mandi claims. However, it will if you continue to nurture your message, look at the feedback, and keep on refining that with a solid strategy. [29:29]
  6. According to Nathan, being conscious is good for business. “When you’re conscious and when you’re clearly aligned to doing good, people want to do good with you,” he explains. “They want to feel that and be a part of that.” [33:15]



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