EXECUTIVE BRIEFING - $100K A Month and Beyond

How To Double Your Fees, Step Back From The Day To Day, and Grow Your Consultancy Fast.

Reserve your seat for this 45 minute Executive Briefing that will open your mind to a radically effective way to run your consulting agency.

IMPORTANT: This is only for CEOs of consulting agencies with a proven track record with real tangible results and case studies. (Your second in command can attend with you.) If you are just starting out, or if you cannot stand by your work, this is NOT for you. Please do not take up a seat. 



"Everything you've shared is the well worn path to actually scale your business. And that's why we've been able to scale [our agency] so fast in a five year period where we have a $40 million run rate with one niche market, with one product, one offer. And because of this structure, we've been able to build and scale and even guarantee revenue."

- John Logar, Agency CEO, Consulting unleashed

Build a multimillion dollar Hands-Off CEO business that can run and grow with less reliance on you as the CEO.


  • Discover the steps to empower the right people to take your vision and run with it so you don’t have to carry it alone. 
  • Learn how to call in higher quality clients who will pay 2-4X higher fees. 

CEOs who implement this approach, see results like...

Closed 3 solid deals at double the fee and increased sales conversion rates 20% 

Doubled monthly income in just 3 months with a ⅓ of the clients

Increased revenue from $600k to $2.1M in only 12 months

Grow net profits of $400,000 in one year

Doubled sales in 7 months (while being our on emergency leave for 1 month of that)

Added $88k PROFIT in the first session

Closed a $120K sale in the first 9 weeks of the program

One client even increased their net PROFIT 40% in 9 months (atypical, though our solid track record for results is incredible)

Those following this plan have also...

Built a team that can run the business without him for weeks

Business became “bliss and zen”

Now 100% trusts the team to run the business without them

Got their weekends back

Got the company to run for nearly a year 100% without the CEO...then sold the business for a massive profit

Cut onboarding service costs by 67% while doubling fees

Went from working until 1am every day, now to just 10 hours per week

Started another successful company and works less than 40 hours per week...total

Doubled their leads after implementing step 2 of the plan



Stop working as hard to generate growth. Start scaling with more ease, and let us show you exactly how to make quantum leaps in your own business. 


"We increased our sales conversion rate at least 20% and brought in 3 solid deals. Before working with Hands-Off CEO, we weren’t attracting enough of the right prospects. Working with Mandi and her team, we increased our sales conversion rate at least 20%. We brought in 3 solid deals for more than double our previous rates.

Everything is now automated, repeatable, and more efficient. We packaged up the same service, for the same kind of client, with the same proposal and same pricing. Our new offer allows us to sell a vision and specific outcome– not a commodity. All of our prospects love our new offer. And we have doubled our monthly income in 3 months, with more profit too. We now have a clear plan to follow, and are confident in the direction to grow the company.”


Create exponential and rapid growth in your already successful consulting agency so you can reach the expansive profit goals...without feeling married to your business.

Who Are We?

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About Mandi

Mandi Ellefson is the Founder of Hands-Off CEO. Over the years, she has tested and refined the Scale to Freedom™ growth framework to double (or more) consulting retainers and scale agencies to $100k/mo of sales. Then to $100k/mo of profits. Accelerating growth, without the CEO being the only person driving the growth. She is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has helped consulting agencies increase cash flow, equity, and even sell their business.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Eckhardt spent a decade as a Fractional COO before becoming  a partner and  Program Director at Hands-Off CEO. During that time, she owned several companies, and ran the operations for over 100 companies. She now supports our Executive Teams to create order from chaos. And install the infrastructure to increase quality while accelerating sustainable growth through team ownership and execution. She also recruits and develops top C-suite Executive talent, serving on the board of prestigious organizations.