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Ep 108 Ricardo Perez

How to Profitably Scale Your Consulting Agency with Ricardo Perez – E108

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you already know that the journey to success is a long and arduous one. You’ve poured in your sweat, tears, and countless sleepless nights to get where you are today. But despite all your hard work and dedication, there comes a time when you hit a roadblock and find yourself unable to grow any further. 

You become the bottleneck of your own growth. 

This is exactly what Ricardo Perez, CEO of OneRhythm, encountered while running his agency. But he didn’t let this setback defeat him. Instead, he took charge of the situation and found a way to scale his consulting agency in a better way. 

And now, he’s sharing his insights to overcome the same obstacle and achieve the success you know is possible. 


The conversation touched on insightful topics like: 

  • Importance of having an Irresistible Offer [03:11]

Learn why having an irresistible offer is critical to success in today’s highly competitive business environment to attract world-class clients and top talent. How Ricardo’s team is able to deliver exceptional million dollar services that are 90% repeatable and process driven. Proof that it’s possible!


  • Refining the companies you work with to command higher fees [08:02]

Discover how refining the companies you work with impacts the overall size of engagement and the fees you can command for your services.


  • Talk about results [11:49]

Understand the difference it makes when you focus on talking about results and projections with new clients to generate more engagement instead of talking about what they will spend on your services.


  • Essential factors for scaling a consulting agency [24:27]

Explore the critical factors for scaling your consulting agency with maximum profitability.


  • Don’t be a bottleneck, delegate [32:30]

Hear out Ricardo Perez’s spot-on advice, that all consulting agency CEOs should learn from and take into consideration for scaling their business as a true Hands-Off CEO. 


Key Quotes:

  • Focus on Results: “We focus on what they’re going to get, not what they’re going to spend. And I think that’s a huge part of how when you look at it that way, and you focus on those results; then it’s less about nickel and diming on what your professional fees are.” [12:08]


  • Letting Go: “To the extent that you are the bottleneck and to the extent that that is something that you feel can’t change, then you need to rethink that. You really think that that thing is that there’s no way that anyone else can do what I do. You can’t; you have to let go of that.” [32:42]



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