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Moving Away from Traditional Agency Models with Greg Hickman – E105

Have you ever thought about looking at agencies from a new perspective? Get ready to discover the concept of the “Alt Agencies” – where specialization and specific outcomes for niche clients are favored over the traditional agency model. Our Guest Greg Hickman shares his journey on how to deliver a repeatable sales and onboarding process. 

The conversation touched insightful topics like: 

  • Power of productizing services [04:56]

Understanding the concept of “productizing” services, which involves packaging a repeatable service with fixed problem-solving, turnaround time, and price. Discover the benefits of standardizing packages and systemizing processes to scale a business effectively.

  • Importance of specializing and finding a niche [06:50]

Find out the challenges and benefits of specializing in a specific area, what realization can working nights and weekends bring you and ultimately understanding how to divorce your time from your income.

  • Role of webinar funnels in scaling a business [08:26]

How focusing on webinar funnels and becoming experts in that area changed the game for Greg’s agency and what are some common plateaus experienced by many service providers.

  • Evolving agency model and additional revenue streams [15:58]

Exploring the term of “Alt Agency” and discussing the changing landscape of agency models, such as tech-enabled, strategy-focused, or platform discipline-focused agencies. 

Key Quotes:

  • Unique Skills: “If you can position yourself as the engine builder, you can charge a premium. You’re more valued because you know how to do this unique thing. And that is kind of how I see how we were able to make the shift to only working on the stuff that we enjoyed. And that was, I think, the true value to the client.” [12:53]


  • Understanding Nuances:: ”Nobody understands that a person who’s at 3K a month and a million a year could actually be experiencing the exact same thing and need almost the exact same solution. But there’s still these little nuanced differences. It’s fascinating to me. We’re a unique breed.”  [34:15]


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