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Make Clients Happy Through Effective Account Management with Taylor McMaster – E104

Did you ever think about the importance of effective account management on scaling your business? If not, prepare for these gems! In this episode Taylor McMaster, founder of Dot and Company, tells her story and how she helps digital marketing agencies with achieving full-service client account management.

Here are the essential insights from our riveting conversation with Taylor- feel free to have a powerful read through these most impactful lessons.

  • Important Correlation between Sales and Account Management [07:22]

Find out why sales and handovers are essential to successful account management, and when to introduce your account manager to the client during the sales process. The imperative of changing the narrative from “I” to “my team”.

  • Powerful Communication [12:35]

Establishing a clear communication cadence and a thorough onboarding process for successful account management. Know who on the team is responsible for what. Different things which you can learn from each new client or a sales call.

  • Using Questions in Training [17:33]

How far you can go in allowing your team to ask you questions, until they start thinking like you. Being in control of the training process and what needs to happen without your involvement. 

  • Key Characteristics of an Account Manager [26:34]

Know if someone is generally a good fit for this role. The list of red flags and the required skills to make sure someone grows in this position and becomes amazing in it.

Key Quotes:

  • The Power of Questions: “I think the best thing that we can do as CEOs is prepare our team as much as possible, but give them the space to ask questions, not letting them get scared to ask questions.” [16:02]


  • Constant Optimization: “People forget that business is a game of optimization. We need to continuously be optimizing something that works, just because we did a great job. Well, can we optimize this so that next time it’s easier and better and more efficient? Training your team to think like that, I think, is super important.” [22:14]


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