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Pass These Three Gates to Win Corporate Clients with Brian Regienczuk – E34

Brian Regienczuk was my guest on the podcast today. 

Brian Regienczuk is the CEO and Founder of Agency Spotter, with a mission to liberate the data that helps professionals make better decisions around services suppliers, like marketing agencies.

Brian consults to help top executives in the space, while leading the growth of Agency Spotter’s two products: SpotSource.com and AgencySpotter.com.

In this episode, Brian and I talk about how you, as the CEO of a smaller agency that does really high quality work, can get your foot in the door with bigger organizations and grow your business.

Find out:

  • The top things you can do to position your agency so that you can actually win business when you’re competing against other agencies (even those that are a lot larger than yours);
  • What the larger corporate clients are looking for (this may surprise you… it REALLY surprised me);
  • The single  BIGGEST MISTAKE consultants and agency owners make during a pitch to a corporate client (or any client, for that matter), and what you can do to avoid it; 
  • A clever hack to infiltrate large organizations to grow your agency (how to be top of mind at the right moment); and
  • How to use changes in leadership to your advantage to win more business and control your lead flow.


  • How to stand out in a pitching process (or anytime you’re making an offer!)

Final thoughts

For a service like Agency Spotter to work for you, you need a “shut-up and take my money” offer that potential clients can’t resist.

One of the things we build with our clients at Hands-Off CEO™ is a Client Success Map™. It’s a visual tool that sells a focused, outcome-oriented solution delivered by a proven process based on the power of 1s – 1 client; 1 painful problem; 1 powerful OUTCOME. With this tool, you can show your client that you understand their problem better than they do.

With a rock-solid offer and a service like Agency Spotter to help you fill your pipeline with potential clients, you’ll be landing bigger and more ideal clients than you ever thought possible.

Add or claim your agency on Agency Spotter!

Go to https://www.agencyspotter.com/addagency, you can search and see if your agency is already there, or to add your business. Every year, Agency Spotter has over 300,000 professionals looking for agencies. 

Start being found!

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