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Are You Delivering a 20X ROI and Standing Out From The Competition?

Learn how to start delivering 10X and even 20X of your return of investment and stand out from the crowd.

Finding Deeper Business Success Without Working Harder – Pt. 1

CEO who found deeper success without working harder

More growth is possible. More transformation is possible. Learn how to work less and make more with the Hands-Off CEO approach.

A Tale of 2 Agencies: One Doubled Sales In 6 Months and Increased Fees 300%…

two successful business people shaking hands

Learn how agencies can go 2 different paths just by adapting their business approaches.

How to Calculate Utilization Rate and Why Your Agency Needs to Track It

consultant teaching entrepreneur How to Calculate Utilization Rate For their Agency

Learn how to calculate utilization rates for your business to maximize your consulting agency’s efficiency.

How to Double Profits With a Fraction of the Clients With Jeff Ennis – E101

What do you do when your business hits a ceiling and struggles to scale? In this episode of Hands-Off CEO, Jeff Ennis tells me how he transformed his company’s operations, revamped his mindset, and added more value to his clients. From expanding their services, hiring the right team, standardizing their processes, to automating their systems, Jeff shares how he has…

How Much Profit Should I Be Making? – E95

Growth as a CEO often looks like more stress, more responsibility, too much work, and not enough profit. Even if making good money, many businesses are slowed by how little profits they retain. Real profitability is what a CEO would actually make if they were paid at market rate instead of their own salary. But how do you measure that?…

A Million Dollars in Agency Sales in 6 months with Jaco Grobbelaar and Jon Sooy – E82

Can you imagine going from 3,000 to 30,000 visits a month? BroadVision Marketing takes clients from local to national levels, adding millions of dollars in as little as 6 months. Mandi’s guests Jaco Grobbelaar and Jon Sooy of BroadVision Marketing share how they scale their clients further than they could have ever imagined.  You’ll hear Mandi, Jaco and Jon talk…

5 Exits to 100k/mo in Profits and a 8 Figure Consulting Agency – E68

Last week, Mandi Ellefson discussed the foundations of what it takes to beat inflation and scale profitably. In this week’s episode of Hands-Off CEO, she describes the five exits she shares with her clients to help them safely remove themselves from different parts of their companies.  You’ll hear Mandi talk about: Mandi shares the idea behind exiting. “The whole point…

Push Starting a Car and the Connection to Hitting $100k/mo in Profits – E64

Mandi Ellefson discusses how to get out of the entrapment cycle in this solo episode of Hands-Off CEO. You’ll hear Mandi talk about: The entrapment cycle seizes many CEOs. “There’s this dynamic where you need to hire more experts to help you deliver the growth, but then you need more cash flow to be able to hire them. So you…