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5 Exits to 100k/mo in Profits and a 8 Figure Consulting Agency – E68

Last week, Mandi Ellefson discussed the foundations of what it takes to beat inflation and scale profitably. In this week’s episode of Hands-Off CEO, she describes the five exits she shares with her clients to help them safely remove themselves from different parts of their companies. 

You’ll hear Mandi talk about:

  1. Mandi shares the idea behind exiting. “The whole point of removing yourself… is so you can be working on the business and not in it. That’s where you can be generating these million dollar ideas, rather than being the one mired down in the minutiae.” [1:45]
  2. “Consultancy agencies are very difficult to scale because it’s very much dependent on you,” Mandi claims. She explains why. “You created the company, so everybody sees the company as you.” [4:52]
  3. Mandi describes one of the programs that her Scale to Freedom clients go through. “We work with the CEOs… on how to build an offer that will scale more profitably and generate the cash to hire the people to actually move through these exits.” [13:20]
  4. Exit 3 allows you to accelerate lead flow and sales, Mandi says. “That doesn’t necessarily mean you as the CEO will completely let go of sales – I wouldn’t recommend it until your process is really tight,” she adds. “I’ve seen consulting agency companies do that – I’ve seen a lot of them try to jump right to exit three without getting the foundations in place, and it’s a disaster.” [18:57]
  5. When you can remove yourself from client strategy, your company becomes infinitely more valuable. “At this point, your company becomes more of an asset that’s a whole lot less driven by you.” [24:43]



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