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A Million Dollars in Agency Sales in 6 months with Jaco Grobbelaar and Jon Sooy – E82

Can you imagine going from 3,000 to 30,000 visits a month? BroadVision Marketing takes clients from local to national levels, adding millions of dollars in as little as 6 months. Mandi’s guests Jaco Grobbelaar and Jon Sooy of BroadVision Marketing share how they scale their clients further than they could have ever imagined. 

You’ll hear Mandi, Jaco and Jon talk about:

  1. BroadVision Marketing positions themselves as their clients’ concierge, but they’re not sitting across the table from you – they’re walking by your side towards your goals. It’s apparent to them early on whether a business owner is truly engaged in their business or whether they just started it to have a job. [4:56]
  2. Whenever you put a guarantee behind something, it differentiates you from the competition. [8:38]
  3. Jon and Jaco discuss the importance of teamwork in their operations. “What we’re finding is that if you enter an entire account around one person, they’re only getting one exaggerated talent,” Jon shares, “whereas if we approach the client as a team, the clients benefit from multiple different talents.” [18:34]
  4. Humans and companies tend to take for granted what’s special about themselves. Because they’re so used to their talents, they don’t realize they’re bringing something other people recognize as valuable. [29:36]
  5. Jaco talks about advice from the Hands-Off CEO program that changed his way of thinking. “[Mandi] made the statement, ‘just be aware it may be your third or fourth candidate before you’re successful.’ … “It’s a totally different mindset.” [37:31]
  6. Having peers to bounce ideas off of is invaluable. [41:22]



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