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How Business Success Enables Personal Transformations – E99

This is the first episode of a 2-part series on the Hands-Off CEO podcast, where you’ll hear me being interviewed by Ross Mayfield, a copywriter and marketing strategist on my team. The conversation takes a deep dive into the mission behind Hands-Off CEO, and you’ll hear stories of clients who have experienced real transformations in their business through challenging circumstances. You’ll also learn about the topic of “letting go” and the importance of building a culture of accountability and urgency within your organization. 


Key ideas you’ll hear:

  • I am writing a book called “Hands Off CEO” which shares the transformation processes my clients go through. [3:22]
  • The book shares a story of Tonya Corby McLeod, a CEO who was able to get her weekends back, find more profit, and delegate her business to her team with the help of Scale to Freedom. Despite facing personal tragedy, Tonya’s business continued to run effectively, and she was able to take time off without worrying about the company. Tonya was able to sell her company to her team and apply the same principles and systems to her husband’s ten inherited companies. [4:05]
  • The aim of Scale to Freedom is to support clients in creating a sustainable business that acts as a wealth-building asset and provides opportunities for their team. [12:11]
  • CEO’s #1 job is to work on the vision and inspire the team. [21:22]
  • The biggest challenge holding back growth is often the CEO themselves, who need to become better leaders, oversee management structures, and uplift the culture to create accountability. [27:35]
  • Culture change can happen quickly in a matter of weeks and is often a mindset issue and opportunity to shift. [28:58]
  • The CEO’s focus has to shift from doing things themselves to getting the same or better performance from others. Shift from managing people to managing agreements and build a team of people who can define success. [30:05]
  • Hire people with a sense of urgency to build a culture of urgency towards executing the company vision. [31:05]



“There’s this expectation that we need to manage people, and the reality is we can’t manage people. You cannot manage a person. All you can do is manage an agreement between people.” – Mandi Ellefson


“What we’re about doing is helping them bring their very best gifts to the world in a bigger way, to really unlock their ability to impact the lives of others by generating more growth, sustainability and profits in their company.” – Mandi Ellefson



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