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She found $84,000 of extra profit hiding in her business

A partner who owned a thriving seven-figure PR firm, had a spouse that suddenly became seriously ill. And the business was so dependent on him, so he had to make a choice. He made the right one, and dropped everything to be with her.

The next month his successful business, dissolved. And his whole team was out looking for a job.

All those years building the company… were gone in just days.

Contrast that to a client we worked with about a year ago. She had a solid, high multi 6-figure company. But it was too custom and dependent on her so they couldn’t grow. She worked too much, and didn’t take home as much she deserved.

She wanted her weekends back, and within 2 weeks working together, she was able to cut 11 hours off her work week. And stopped working weekends altogether.

She also found $84,000 of extra profit hiding in her business, which went directly to her family.

But she didn’t stop there. We streamlined her services into an offers that added a lot of value, with a fraction of her time. Growth was happening, her team stepping up, and she took off more time to be with her family.

Then about 6 months in, she dropped off without a word.

This is hard for me to share publicly which is why I keep her name anonymous. But I got an email a couple months later explaining what had happened. Her husband had suddenly passed away. And she had dropped everything to be there for her grieving teens.

It was so sad. But fortunately, the work that she did to grow the company, had also gotten her more and more out of the day-to-day. She expressed both her gratitude and shock that her business was running 100% without her.

Nine months later, her seven-figure company was still generating income, completely without her, and with the highest cash reserves ever.

Now this will probably never happen to you. And you don’t even want to be completely hands-off because you love the work you do.

But what would be possible if your company wasn’t so dependent on you? If your time wasn’t the growth bottleneck? If you were confident that the margins were there to replace yourself in the day-to-day– without quality dropping? Maybe outcomes even improve!

That is the kind of growth that is possible as you become a Hands-Off CEO.

Is the Hands-Off growth path right for you?

Are ready to get your team to step up, and OWN whole parts of the business? Even if it didn’t work last time, and scares you a bit. Are you ready to profitably scale your custom services AND still create amazing outcomes for your clients? Would you just LOVE to immediately free up 10 extra hours every week to accelerate your profits?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then maybe we should chat. If you’d like to see if this might work in your business and tell me what you are trying to create in the next 12 months.

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