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The Biggest Sales Mistake that Keeps CEOs Stuck in Service Delivery – E77

In this week’s solo episode of Hands-Off CEO, Mandi Ellefson explains how selling the wrong offer traps you in the company as CEO.

You’ll hear Mandi talk about:

  1. Mandi shares an example of selling the wrong package at the wrong time. [1:16]
  2. Hands-Off CEO takes their clients through an intensive and thorough process to generate growth. “It used to take us 6 to 9 months to actually help our clients implement this in their business, now we can do it in about 3 or 4 weeks.” [3:03]
  3. “What you should be doing is looking at what you can sell that will maximize the commitment from your clients,” Mandi advises. She describes why going for the easiest sale may not do you any favors. [5:17]
  4. You need clients who are willing to stick around for the long haul – if you don’t have that commitment level, you’re going to be selling them every month, over and over. [6:35]



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