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Using “Specialized Content” to Attract Consulting Clients with Michael Zipursky – E72

Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Michael Zipursky, CEO and co-founder of Consulting Success and bestselling author. Consulting Success is the most comprehensive learning platform for serious consultants and skilled professionals who want to grow a stable and reliable consulting practice that attracts high-value clients. Michael has advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, and RBC, and helped Panasonic launch new products into global markets. He has helped over 500 consultants in over 75 industries significantly increase their annual revenues. 

You’ll hear Mandi and Michael talk about:

  1. Every consultant could use some advice on keeping the pipeline full in a consulting agency, Mandi claims. Michael gives insights about how your mindset affects your outcomes. [2:05]
  2. Being dependent on referrals may not always be wise. “You can get referrals, but they’re not always the kind of referrals you want, and you can’t really predict when they’re going to come in,” Mandi says. She and Michael explore the dangers of over-reliance on referrals. [5:48]
  3. Most of the common marketing practices seen online are geared towards individuals and very small companies, not organizations. The tactics and strategies used to reach buyers of consulting and advisory services are markedly different, Michael points out. [15:03]
  4. Michael discusses how communicating effectively and providing value to your clients drastically affects your relationships with them. “When you start off the relationship delivering a lot of value by sharing [your] unique perspectives with your ideal client, they start to see you as different. And when you do that through the frame of ‘everything you’re delivering is specifically for them,’ that’s the game changer.” [19:53]
  5. Consultants tend to be more conservative and risk-averse, according to Michael. “They come from backgrounds in the corporate world or in organizations where they weren’t always rewarded for taking big risks,” he comments. [25:09]



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