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Fight Rapid Inflation + 10 Offer Factors to Profitably Scale – E67

In this solo episode of Hands-Off CEO, Mandi Ellefson discusses how to fight profit erosion in a time of rapid inflation, and what factors are necessary to scale profitably.

You’ll hear Mandi talk about:

  1. A lot of consulting agency CEOs find themselves stuck in a cycle of company productivity that’s driven by their productivity, Mandi shares. This makes it difficult for them to successfully exit. “We start the company because we are the company.” [2:17]
  2. To safely let go of your company, you must have the right foundations. “You have to have the right things in place; particularly in this market, where we have significant profit erosion from all of this rapid inflation.” Mandi explains why your operations team should be able to deliver bigger promises without you getting into the minutiae. [5:40]
  3. “Is what you’re selling actually the results that your clients desire or is it just deliverables that everybody else in the market actually sells?” Do you have a clear marketing message founded on the core results your ideal clients desire that you leverage across all of your marketing vehicles? [10:51]
  4. Mandi shares a story of a client who was able to drastically increase their profitability and fees by focusing on providing packages that delivered outcomes and not deliverables. “It’s much easier to scale when you know you have contracts in place that will consistently bring in cash flow.” [15:43]
  5. “It’s really important to have clarity on what you’re selling, what you’re delivering,” Mandi says. This is what will allow your operations team to pull out all the stops and put very clear systems in place to actually manage those outcomes. They’ll be able to do it way better than you as a CEO can do it. [21:08]



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