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[Replay] Stop Using Bandaids and Fix Staff Engagement and Motivation Issues for Good – E66

Mandi Ellefson discusses how to improve employee engagement in this solo episode of Hands-Off CEO.

You’ll hear Mandi talk about:

  1. “[When] we hear staff say ‘I’m not getting paid enough,’ what they’re really saying is ‘I’m unhappy here; I’m not getting paid enough for the crap that I’m dealing with right now.’” A lack of employee engagement is a common problem for some businesses. Many leaders think that an increased wage would motivate their staff, but Mandi shares why this doesn’t work. [1:20]
  2. There are three drivers behind people’s actions that have nothing to do with money. “One of them is mastery, one is autonomy, and the other is significance.” Mandi briefly describes each. [4:13]
  3. “What you need to be doing is constantly looking at your vision and expanding.” You cannot grow if you don’t first have the vision for it, Mandi says. Furthermore, failing to expand your vision will cause your business to get sluggish. [7:37]
  4. “When you can provide [mastery, autonomy and significance, as well as a big vision] to your team… you will be able to attract levels of talent way before you might have otherwise had the budget to,” Mandi advises. People will see what you’re doing and want to be a part of it. [8:29]



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