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How Successful Consultants Scale Their Business with Michael Zipursky – E9

What’s the easiest way to grow your business? How can you scale your company without grinding through all those extra hours? Today, Mandi chats with Michael Zipursky, CEO of Consulting Success and one of the world’s top authorities on growing a consulting business. Mandi and Michael discuss how to price your services to dramatically increase your profits. You’ll learn how to develop consistent client attraction and choose the right marketing channel for your business.

  • Throughout his career, Michael has helped over 300 consultants from around the world add six to seven figures to their annual revenue. Want to attract more clients? Raise your fees? Win more proposals? Scale your business? Michael shares his marketing advice you can use to establish yourself as a consulting authority in your industry.
  • How can consultants increase their fees? It goes without saying that as your potential clients, entrepreneurs want the most bang for their buck. Michael shares why consultants need to provide value that labels them as an investment and not an expense.
  • According to Michael, the key to earning significantly more is in providing value. Shift the client’s perception from the traditional pay-by-the-hour model to a bigger picture and outcome-focused model. Help them understand that they will get what they pay for, and deliver quality service that backs up your higher prices.
  • The problem most consultants have is they provide value, but they’re not communicating that value. When clients understand that the returns are greater than the cost, it’s easier for them to consider working with you.

Mandi and Michael dive into how to quantify the data and develop consistent client attraction:

  • Set clear metrics. What matters most to your clients? Make sure that you and your client have aligned expectations on what the metrics are and how to achieve them.
  • Develop a magnetic message. Get in touch with previous clients and listen for opportunities on how you can help them with their goals and work together. Make note of what your role was and the benefits you provided. Give numbers and percentages; this helps show the value you provide in action.
  • Be specific. Because of too much noise and clutter online, people have developed selective blindness to ads and information. Set yourself apart from the competition by providing specific details about your service and offers.
  • Build and customize a marketing engine that works for you. Find your ideal client, connect and keep them engaged. Build trust and deliver high-quality services. Nurture relationships by being in the right channel and playing to your strengths.

Today’s key takeaways are: narrow your scope down to your ideal client, provide them with mind-blowing value, and base your prices on how your services benefit their business. We hope this helps you communicate and demonstrate your expertise, so you can adjust your pricing to match the quality service you deliver… AND earn significantly more in the process.

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“The more you say no to the wrong people, the more space you’re going to have to say yes to the right people.”  – Michael Zipursky


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