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How to Calculate Cost Variance + a Better Way to Drive Agency Profits

consulting agency owner learning how to calculate cost variance

Don’t risk losing money on your projects; Learn how to calculate cost variance accurately and ensure your agency stays profitable.

The Integrity of Scaling – E89

Mandi Ellefson is discussing why popular scaling advice is terrible for consulting agencies. She shares insights about marketing, systems, and what you should actually do to scale. You’ll hear Mandi talk about: “Do you really want to systematize and accelerate a process that’s just getting okay and mediocre results?” Mandi shares a story about a company that grew from referrals,…

Using “Specialized Content” to Attract Consulting Clients with Michael Zipursky – E72

 Mandi Ellefson’s guest is Michael Zipursky, CEO and co-founder of Consulting Success and bestselling author. Consulting Success is the most comprehensive learning platform for serious consultants and skilled professionals who want to grow a stable and reliable consulting practice that attracts high-value clients. Michael has advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, and RBC, and helped Panasonic launch new…

Consulting agencies adding $1M+ plus in 12 months, what do they have in common? – E63

Mandi Ellefson discusses the characteristics of rapid growth companies in this solo episode of Hands-Off CEO podcast. You’ll hear Mandi talk about:  Two things rapid growth businesses have in common. “[Rapid growth businesses] usually have an offer that’s really valuable in the market, and are willing to position themselves in such a way that it’s a lot easier to sell.”…