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Mastering Outbound Sales on LinkedIn with Mark Firth – E6

If you are relying on referrals to take your business to 7 figures and beyond, you might be making a huge mistake. Referrals are great, but they aren’t enough to break the glass ceiling, and outbound sales is something you need to consider. Feeling some resistance? Don’t worry. Today’s guest is Mark Firth, a master of outbound sales on LinkedIn, and he’ll be the first to tell you that you don’t succeed on LinkedIn by trying to sell.

  • Why is outbound lead generation so important? And why are people so resistant to it? Mark has a great answer to the question, but first, he shares the most important lesson he learned at his first sales job right out of college. The best salespeople are successful because they are able to create money from almost nothing. All they need is a list of names. Mark shares how that simple idea has stayed with him through his sales career and how it shaped his idea on outbound sales.
  • Many custom service businesses get new clients through referrals, and referrals are amazing. Until they stop. Mark talks about some of the shortcomings of referrals and why it shouldn’t be the only part of your sales strategy. He reveals what outbound sales really is: managing your entire sales process so you can meet your customers where they are and move the sales cycle forward.
  • Mark reveals the counter-intuitive way to take control of the sales process early: refusing to get on an hour-long call in the beginning. He explains a better way to go about talking with a new lead and how to avoid the minefield of mistakes you can make in the first call. Believe it or not, outbound sales is all about what happens before you make the offer. You have to shape the relationship.
  • Do you have resistance to outbound sales? If so, you really need to hear what Mark has to say. As the business owner, you are the one with the vision. It’s YOUR idea that can improve the lives of your clients and impact their future. If you have the right mindset about this, it can change your perspective of sales. You don’t HAVE to be a salesperson to make sales for your business and Mark explains how to make sales without pushy selling.
  • Why would you choose LinkedIn over Facebook or YouTube? Mark goes through the different social media channels and what each of them excels at, and then covers how to succeed in getting the RIGHT kind of leads on LinkedIn. To start, all of your messaging needs to be based on the ‘symptom’ level. What are the problems that your potential client is having? Second, your messaging shouldn’t be about who you are; instead, make it about the outcomes you provide.
  • There are some major misconceptions about how to be successful on LinkedIn. There’s no single course out there that can teach you how to take a lead from a call to a sale. Mark talks about some of the things you need to know about the process that no one else is brave enough to say, including how you need to be willing to tweak your messaging, again and again, to get it just right. In fact, on LinkedIn, your reputation is everything, and you can easily destroy it with templates pulled from a course.
  • If you’re considering dipping your toe in the LinkedIn waters, Mark has some great advice for you. First and foremost, you need to have an offer that’s around $3,000 or more, because it’s not massively scalable. Next, get a free trial of Sales Navigator and find out within a short time whether LinkedIn is where you need to be. Finally, use a smart strategy based on your own personal history to make instant connections with people. Mark reveals what he believes you REALLY need to be successful on LinkedIn.

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