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How to Scale Faster by Funding Growth with Lorne Greenfield – E33

Lorne Greenfield was my guest on the podcast today.

Lorne is the CEO of Capital Concepts LLC, his 21st startup company. A native of Montreal, Canada, Lorne holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University. For the past 20 years, Lorne has focused on ensuring companies experience the growth they desire. His passion is serving small to midsize businesses as an advocate. He helps them to understand the role of finance in their companies, and teaches them little-known tools and techniques to use finance in a strategic manner to greatly accelerate the pace of growth.

Lorne is one of our Scale to Freedom™ tribe members. One of the reasons I wanted to have him on the podcast is because he is a passionate advocate for business owners to invest ahead of their companies. In this episode, Lorne and I talk about how consulting agencies can scale faster by strategically funding their growth.

Find out:

  • Why most businesses are looking at funding completely wrong.
  • When it’s appropriate to secure funding. (This one actually surprised me.)
  • What holds people back and what you need to know to confidently invest to grow a lot faster.
  • What your options are, and what are the disadvantages.
  • What funding should be used for, and what you should never use funding for.

Lorne also talks about:

  • His Irresistible Service Product™ that is high-value to clients, scalable, and is a lot more profitable. 
  • How he overcame concern about being able to make a bolder claim, and guarantee doubling gross and net profit for his clients.

Final thoughts

The biggest takeaway I had from my chat with Lorne is that any capital funding options should be directly applied to areas of the business that generate a ROI (think: marketing or sales). When you’re using that capital to support you in selling a laser-focused offer (Irresistible Service Product™) to your ideal clients (those who will pay 50-200% more for your services) with a vision for the future (Client Success Map™), investing ahead can significantly contribute to building a REAL BUSINESS ASSET that buys you freedom for the long term.


Check out CapShots, Lorne’s free business financial fortune quiz, at www.capshots.net

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