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5 Ways Top Leaders Show Up That Adds Millions of Dollars of Profitable Growth – E79

There are CEOs who are adding millions of dollars to their annual revenue – the ultimate Hands-Off CEOs. There are leaders who are able to scale their business profitably, and they have five traits in common. If you want to see the kinds of productivity and profitability that these top performing CEOs are getting out of their teams and businesses,…

Jamie Birch – 40% Net Profit Growth in 9 Months, Up-leveling the Team, and Winning Agency of the Year – E17

  What if you could call a prospect and tell them that you can help them gain an additional $10MM in sales in the next 3 years? That’s the value that Jamie’s team brings to the table.  It’s not just a theory;  he can back it up. From the first conversation he makes it clear that he can help his…

21 Success Habits of Hands-Off CEOs

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