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Your next step to a hands-off business

There are just so many things to think of and take care of when you are growing your agency or service business. If you want your business running without you to some extent, you now have even more added to that list. And you have no idea where to start. Do you hire a salesperson, or do you hire another programmer?

Do you fire that troublesome employee, or retrain him and give him another chance? Do you spend time documenting out a process, or do you work on a new marketing campaign?

Where do you begin?

You begin with 1 single inspired step.

Every journey begins with 1 single step. What is one thing you could do this week, or today even, to leverage your time and work less in the day-to-day of your business?

Maybe that is having a hard conversation with your team about honoring their commitments (and also looking at yourself to see where you could be better honoring your own). Maybe it’s refining your target market to attract the exact type of clients you want to work with.

Or maybe your next step is to see if there is a way to move forward, faster, with more ease and freedom for you. If you’d like to free up 10 extra hours per week and get your agency or service business to run without you, click the link below and tell me what you’d do with that 10 hours.

Happy Scaling.

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