Howdy Partner!

I want to support you! Aside for looking for ways to connect you with your ideal clients, vendors, and other referral partners, below are some ways I want to add value to you. I have taken the time to put this together because I WANT TO HELP YOU! Please take me up on the offer.

Some ideas for how can I help YOUR business…

Visual Communication and Branding Strategy (Did you know I’m an ex-designer?)
  • Break down a complex process, idea, concept or system into something people can quickly grasp and connect with (or so that you can just get a big picture on)
  • Help to visually communicate high level ideas
  • Feedback on website strategy
  • Design critiques or help curate a 99designs contest

Leveraging Time and Resources

  • Help delegating when you are in over your head
  • Help finding money in your business to hire another staff
  • Help you know what resources you can leverage in your business so you can make more with what you have
  • Help you find more time to grow. I have a process I can walk you through to quickly find 20-40 extra hours per month, or I can just give you my video course.
  • Access to Find Time NOW! ($495 value) to give to your clients- provide as a bonus for your programs
  • Delivering special private training for your group of customers and clients

Growth, Management, and Operations Feedback

  • Feedback on how to scale services profitably with your team
  • Breakdown a new service, or refine your custom service process to make it more profitable and scalable
  • Brainstorming who is best to hire next
  • Help getting better work from staff
  • Hiring and staff management process
  • Operations questions and what you need in place to support fast growth
  • Sounding board if you need to confidentially talk through a business issue
Feel free to schedule a time with to help you with something or to just get better aquatinted. mandi (at) handsoffceo (dot) com.