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Mandi is a CEO, author, and advocate for hands-off business success. As the founder of The Hands-Off CEO, she leads clients to greater success, life balance, and productivity by helping them free up to 20-50% of their work week. Her international clientele has seen productivity and cost savings gains of up to 67%.

As a co-author of the bestseller Creating Business Growth, Mandi is a recognized expert and sought-after speaker.  Her new book Scale to Freedom will be available this fall. All proceeds from her book are donated to rescue enslaved victims of child sex trafficking. Mandi is a committed social impact advocate and Freedom Fighter.

Ideas for Interview Questions:

  1. Why are custom services so difficult to grow and scale?
  2. Why it so challenging to get consistent quality from staff? Can’t you just pay staff more?
  3. What mistakes do you commonly see services businesses/consultancies/agencies making when they are trying to grow their business?
  4. What steps can a service business take to double or more their fees?
  5. How do create more sustainable growth so you can afford to hire the talent to scale up?
  6. How do you scale a service without quality and profits dropping?
  7. How do you break through a long bout of stagnant growth where you are working really hard, but can seem to make more progress?

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