Added over $150,000 in profits in just 6 months


Before Joining the Tribe

Will Watrous owns a marketing consulting agency that works with remodeling companies. Will dreamed of building his business and stepping down by the time he turned 45 years old. However, he didn’t have the team and necessary systems in place to navigate that transition and wasn’t sure his dream was feasible. 

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Within six months of joining the Hands-Off CEO tribe, Will was able to see more profits while being less involved in running the business. His results include:


  • Will now understands the value that he is delivering to the market.
  • Added over $150,000 of profit 6 months after joining
  • He developed a real strategy and clear vision of what needed to be in place to be able to step down.
  • He established new levels of autonomy within his team. They could accomplish just as much, if not more, without Will having to command and demand all the time
  • His team members stepped up and we helped him groom the employee who became the new owner as Will successfully exited the business.

“With the clarity around what needs to happen for this company to continue to thrive… a big part of that is understanding the value that we're delivering to the market. And then what we should be charging for the value, and what our fee structure is. We offer several different packages and each package has increased in cost and added $150,000 to $200,000 in profit that was not there before.”

– Will Watrous 

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