Doubling revenue by working less - How Tom was able to scale with less dependence on him


Before Scale to Freedom

Tom had a successful agency but had no time to both sell and deliver. He couldn’t trust his team to deliver without quality dipping. So, he was stuck being very hands-on in the business. It was taking its toll on his health. The business had experienced 3 years of stagnant growth despite having abundant opportunities to exploit. 

Tom realized he needed to empower his team. He had to stop being in the day-to-day of his business in order to allow for the exponential growth.

He was able to double his sales in just 7 months.

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

He went from working 60 hours per week to being able to work only as much as he desired.

He created a team of top performers he could trust, and they are the ones responsible for client management.

He now has a strategic role. He provides strategic guidance, but for over 90% of client’s work, he doesn’t get involved in the day-to-day.

This is what Tom shared in an earlier podcast interview.

"You've been essential in this process for us. It was really for me to transition from a CEO who's also very deep into the accounts into a Hands-Off CEO, where I'm relying on my team now and they're the ones guiding our clients. And that is really what unleashed our own growth, and we've more than doubled over this past year. And it's really fulfilling for me because I see our team members growing as well, and it's more fulfilling for them. And it's better for me, it's better for them, it's better for our clients, it's better for everyone. And so, it's just been a great experience going through that process." - Tom Shapiro.

In a more recent interview, he shared that he's also increased profits by 600%.

"How our CEOs generate results like this is by getting laser-focused on the right things, working ON the business. Getting the right Operations Manager in place and developed to take over running the business. This person develops and innovates systems. They manage people and anticipate capacity needs so that the CEO doesn't have to. An exceptional Operations Manager oversees service delivery and IMPROVES quality and consistency. They streamline and improve efficiency and profitability." - Tom Shapiro.

Would you like to see these kinds of results in your business?

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