From working weekends to multiple profitable Hands-Off businesses


When we first met Tanya

Tanya is a talented marketer who ran a marketing growth company that delivered exceptional results. The only problem was that doing so was completely taking over her life. The business consumed her, and she would spend her weekends working.

Before Scale to Freedom

  • She wasn’t taking a full market salary due to rising costs in the business.
  • She couldn’t take time off without checking in on her team.
  • Tanya’s weekends were consumed by the business.

The company was at a tipping point, and something needed to change to turn it around. 

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Tanya knew she needed to make a change to earn what she deserved for how hard she worked. With our help, Tanya was able to design and map out their services blueprint and their client journey. After three days, her efforts improved the quality of work while reducing the time needed to deliver it. In addition:

  • Tanya added $88K in profit after her first session.
  • She got her weekends back.
    She found 11 hours in her week that could be dedicated to growing the business.
  • Within six months, she transformed her business to run for nearly a year, 100% without her.
  • She was able to sell the business.
  • The new owner was able to more than double the fees by specializing in solving a very painful problem for a lucrative niche that paid $120k for their services.

“As soon as my mind changed, it was like the universe changed.”

- Tanya Korpi McLeod

Since selling the marketing business, Tanya used the skills learned in Scale to Freedom to acquire a dozen unwieldy businesses that transformed to run completely without her. 

Are you ready to see a big transformation in your company like Tanya did?

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