Increasing revenue by 70% in less than a year: Lessons learned by Ray Methvin

Before working with us

In the years before joining the Hands-Off CEO tribe, Ray worked to establish a loyal client base at the expense of overworking himself and becoming too involved with day-to-day housekeeping tasks for his business. Since 2020:

  • The company’s revenue greatly fluctuated, with revenue dipping below $2 million in 2021 and 2022.
  • Ray spent 20-25 hours a week on account and project management.
  • The company felt tied to "pain-in-the-ass" clients who weren’t a good fit but were considered "easy revenue."
  • Ray discovered $40,000 in unpaid invoices that were overlooked due to how overwhelmingly busy the team was.

While Ray attributes some revenue loss to the COVID-19 pandemic, bouncing back meant taking a hard look at how he was running his company as a hands-on CEO.

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Increase in revenue

Ray joined the Scale to Freedom™ program. After working with Hands-Off CEO for less than a year, the company increased its revenue by 70% from its highest earning period in 2020 and reached seven figures midway through Q2, which was faster than ever.

In addition to accomplishing these financial milestones, Ray learned some key lessons that fundamentally changed his outlook on business.

Step 1

Be careful of who you work with, and don’t be scared to fire clients

It might seem counterintuitive to limit the number of clients your business takes on. More clients equals more money, right? Not necessarily. As a Hands-Off CEO, Ray was empowered to get rid of “pain-in-the-ass” clients disguised as “easy revenue” that, in reality, were draining his company’s resources and his team’s morale.

By removing these clients from the equation and acknowledging that they weren’t a good fit to work with his business, his staff trusted management more, and Ray was able to show his team that he valued their input in partnering with the right clients.

Step 2

View partnerships as two-way streets

Now, when Ray’s company interviews to work for a client, they’re really interviewing to work with the client. And Ray is clear and upfront about that. He tells potential clients that he appreciates the opportunity to be considered and understands that this is a big decision and investment for them…but also a big decision for Ray’s business.

"We view these partnerships as a two-way street. It’s important for you to understand that we’re interviewing you, as well. We want to make sure this is a good fit. To make it work for you, it has to work for us, as well."- Ray Methvin to potential clients 

Step 3

Don’t be scared to charge what you’re worth

Ray knew the value his team brought to other businesses by working with them. After joining the tribe, he was able to confidently and unapologetically charge for his services based on his company’s worth and expertise. He was also able to land larger contracts by focusing on ROI within 120 days. 

Ray’s company now earns more revenue with less "pain-in-the-ass" clients than before.

Are you ready to see a big transformation in your company like Ray did? Would you like to cut out all the guesswork and follow a proven path to scaling a sustainable consulting agency? We can build you a customized scalability plan to reach your goals this year with less stress.

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