Cutting working hours in half while generating 6X growth


Before Joining the Tribe

Philip Nickerson is a trained aquacultural engineer whose company designs and builds holding tanks for shellfish that allow his clients to buy for a lower price during the season, sell for higher prices later, and serve markets outside the fishing season. With his innovative product, Philip was traveling all over the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and the demand was putting a strain on him and his young family:

  • Philip’s time was constantly consumed by working IN the business.
  • He had no time to grow the business.
  • Philip’s expertise was needed to do much of the service delivery.
  • There was no budget to hire the $100k/year mechanical engineer they needed to expand.
  • He was constantly on the road, working over 80 hours a week.

Philip had a big vision for innovation and a desire to automate with technology. But he struggled to grow his business without adding more stress and working more hours.

Philip was able to cut out 38 work trips a year to spend more time with his family

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Philip was at capacity and working crazy hours when he joined the Hands-Off CEO tribe. First, we found Philip more time. Nothing was going to change until he was freed up to actually work ON his business. Three small tweaks quickly uncovered 90 extra hours per month for him to work on his business. He also began to empower his team to make decisions without him. They install 6-7-figure systems for their clients, so each new install would require a lot of the owner.

They went from every new highly technical installation being impossible to delegate to a streamlined onboarding startup checklist so things go off without a hitch. And without Philip.

With these changes in place, his company grew 3.5X in one year, from $600,000 to 2.1M – mostly utilizing his current team. In addition:

  • There was no longer the need to hire another engineer, which saved up to $100k per year in payroll. 
  • Philip delegated the most time-consuming part of the project that he dreaded.
  • He eliminated 38 overnight job site trips per year, so he could be with his family more.
  • There was $100k of extra profit in the following year, in the first quarter alone.
  • The company has grown well beyond $4M. A new initiative will add another 7 figures.
  • He was able to take off half of August to take his wife on their dream vacation to Scotland.
  • He now owns a "Hands-Off CEO Ecosystem" of companies that run without him.

“Eventually, all the small steps added up to, ‘Okay, now I've got some breathing room to think and do other things,’ and the momentum just started building from there.”

- Philip Nickerson

His team can now run the business without him for weeks, allowing Philip to work half the hours he used to while bringing in 6X the profits.

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