Exiting day-to-day delivery and commanding 600% higher fees


Before Scale to Freedom

Mark had made an excellent name for himself as a leading bank branding and marketing expert. He also owned an agency that implemented the strategies that he’d mostly create for his clients. But Mark packed so much into each day that he was about to fall over. For example:

  • He took on smaller projects that created inconsistent cash flow, requiring more of himself.
  • He was deeply involved in the upselling process with his clients. 
  • He wanted more team-led growth, but his clients always wanted him.

At the time, Mark was responsible for 70-80% of his business’s services, which left him with no time to expand and scale.

Before, clients would hesitate at $20,000 projects, now they excitedly invest in $100-$120k+ ongoing retainers.

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Increase in service fees

Mark was ready to achieve longer commitments from clients so that he didn’t need to be so involved with the upselling process each time. He was skeptical of the Hands-Off CEO method because it was so much different than what he’d done in the past. Here’s why Mark is glad he took the leap: 

  • Narrowing the market and expanding packages
  • Clients invest in longer retainers for a bigger outcome and vision. Clients before hesitated at $20,000 projects, then excitedly invested in $100-$120k+ ongoing retainers. Commanded 600% higher fees 
  • Dramatically cutting the amount of time spent on client engagement
  • No longer being involved in the day-to-day
  • No longer being involved in the strategy for most clients
  • Longer engagements with the right clients unlock more growth for the business and more freedom for Mark

But that takes cash to pay more people, which, in most cases, decreases profits. Mark found the opposite. 

Since scaling his firm, Mark has been shocked to realize that both quality and net profit have grown.

Something he didn’t expect at all. But we did because our model is designed to increase cash flow and net profits so that you actually generate more personal income and personal freedom as you scale.

Like Mark, many trusted market leaders are NOT fully monetizing their expertise.

They are vastly underearning for their skills and years of experience because their offers don’t have enough focus.

A solid track record of results and a burning desire to scale a multi-million dollar consulting agency can allow you to create more ease, more freedom, and more wealthliterally years faster. 

Ready to see these kinds of results in your business? Reach out to our team to schedule a time to chat about the possibilities for your specific situation.