Scaling highly skilled services: Added 1M$ in 12 months

Josh and Marcelo 2
Josh and Marcelo 1

Before Joining the Tribe

Josh and Marcello own a consulting firm that helps tech companies fast-track domestic and international product growth without wasting money designing and developing products people won’t use. While they possessed the skills necessary to generate powerful outcomes, they faced similar issues many startup founders face, including:

  • They were stuck in the service delivery. Their clients requested projects to solve very specific problems, which force Josh and Marcello to remain tied up in the day-to-day operations.
  • Their capacity was filled but with lower-paying projects.
  • Clients started to cancel when the pandemic began.

While Josh and Marcello were already the best at what they did and a higher-priced product research firm, they knew their impact was bigger than just delivering research.

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Josh and Marcello were ready to level up their consulting agency, so they embraced Scaled Up Freedom to unpack where they were falling short and uncover their ‘Profile Sweet Spot.’ The result: 

BEFORE: “Product research for tech companies”

AFTER: “Saving millions in development, helping tech companies launch the right product to the right customer, then expanding it internationally in a fraction of the time”

That’s a no-brainer offer for clients to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to partner with them. In addition to creating a sexy new offering, Josh and Marcello were able to:

  • Keep raising their fees.
  • They enjoy a lot more “soulmate client” quality work.
  • Build processes and IP around outcomes, making the company easier to scale and adding a higher multiple for the valuation to the company if they ever want to sell it.
  • Compete with Google and Facebook for top tech talent and attract the most talented researchers in the world.

“Some of our employees have even said, ‘I could get a job at one of the big tech companies, but I don't want to anymore.’ I want to create the experience where we’re training them to be able to compete and get those jobs, and then not want them because our culture and our company are so much better.

- Josh LaMar

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