Doubling sales in 6 months and increasing engagement size by 300%


Before Scale to Freedom

During 2020, Jay was working hard to scale his business. But he was facing some common challenges other CEOs of consulting agencies often face:

  • He was at full capacity. He was overworking himself to deliver to clients.
  • His clients expected cutting-edge results. Being the one responsible for accomplishing the quality they expected was draining him.
  • He had a steady revenue. But hiring next-level skills needed to grow was a challenge.
  • He had steady clients. But not enough of the highest-paying clients.
  • He was in that place "in-between"... where he had a team– but not strong enough leadership to keep him out of the day-to-day.

Jay's approach to growing his agency was to pull out all the stops, resulting in a significant spike in revenue. But it was not sustainable, and Jay slid back quickly.

He could see the vision to reach his goals. But the current cash flow didn't yet support where he wanted to be. Jay realized he couldn't fix that problem by doing more of the same.

After 6 months, Jay doubled his monthly revenues and is more profitable, too.

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Increase in service fees
Increase in monthly revenue

After listening to our podcast and learning about our Scale to Freedom™ growth model, he applied for a Scalable Growth Session. It was a scary leap for him! But he got creative, and we worked with him to find a way.

They make in a month what they used to make in a quarter. And he says it's much easier to maintain it. Here is why:

  • The Client Management Escape Plan worked its magic. Jay is entirely out of client management, spending much of his time on strategy and growth.
  • He's now crystal clear on who their best client is and what exactly they invest in. They fine-tuned a clear delivery process to remove Jay from anything not strategy-related.
  • Jay increased his service fees by 300% (which he thought was impossible before as they were already considered high in their space).
  • He developed stronger sales skills to attract premium clients and close bigger deals.
  • Jay now has a strong operations manager who has learned how to run the business and free up the CEO to focus on growth.

The above put Jay confidently on the simplest path to a consistent and sustainable multi-million dollar consulting agency. The return on his investments paid off for his personal life and bank account.

Without the stress, because it's not all on him

“2020 has been a total sh*t show. For our agency, it's been transformative in many ways. Working with Hands-Off CEO has been one of the key reasons. If you have an agency that you are looking to scale to six-figure/month (and well beyond), I would have a chat with Mandi or her team.”

- Jay Wong.

P.S. Jay passed on the good fortune to a friend who’s now enjoyed our program. She added 200k of new full cash-paid sales in 10 weeks. She is on fire, growing at a pace that she couldn’t even dream was possible. It came from a shift in her mindset and how she’s selling her services. She now gets to uplevel her management team to keep up with the growth they’re anticipating this year.

Do you want to be a jump-ahead like Jay, facing the challenge head-on, profitably scaling your agency, and creating sustainable growth while reducing reliance on you?

That’s what we do for those who choose to be like Jay. 

Would you like to cut out all the guesswork and follow a proven path to scaling a sustainable consulting agency? 

Reach out to our team to schedule a time to chat about the possibilities for your specific situation.