Cut costs by 67%, doubled fees, and worked 87% less

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Before Scale to Freedom

While Brandon Burke’s business provided him with a good income, it was at the expense of him working insane hours, sometimes around the clock. This is a telltale sign of an unsustainable business model. Before partnering with Hands-Off CEO: 

  • Brandon often worked through the night.
  • It took 12 weeks to onboard every client.
  • Certain clients were taking up too much time and focus.
  • Brandon had to turn away new clients because of workload.
  • He had to travel onsite to each new client.

Brandon found thousands of extra dollars without adding labor costs

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO

Cost reduction
Hours per week freed up

Brandon was looking for a way to maximize profits and impact while minimizing his role so he could be more present with his family. Within 18 months of joining the Hands-Off CEO tribe, Brandon was able to double the business and work 87% fewer hours per week. Here’s how:

  • Brandon freed up 20 hours per week by eliminating 10 hours of meetingsthe biggest thorn in his sideand creating a framework to pass off complex work, which added an additional 10 hours. 
  • He found thousands of extra dollars of profit without adding to labor costs by cutting scope creep and redefining agreements.
  • He simplified service delivery, cut costs, and discovered that clients loved it even more.
  • Brandon built a Client Success Map to guide decisions and created a base template that allowed for customizations.
  • He implemented a new process that supported the team to guide customers through all options.

By taking these steps, Brandon unlocked growth that he didn’t even think was possible, as he worked less and less in his business.

Becoming a Hands-Off CEO was a huge breakthrough for Brandon:

  • Clients achieved outcomes two months sooner.
  • Doubled fees.
  • The system was easier to deliver and sell.
  • Lowered skillset for new hires.
  • Eliminated two months of development for staff.
  • Cut costs by 67%.
  • Doubled the business in 18 months. 
  • Reduced CEO hours from 80-120 to 10 per week. He invested the rest of the time creating lucrative SaaS products.  
  • The Burke family got their Dad back! Brandon’s wife became a stay a home mom, and they were able to grow their family.

These kinds of results are possible for CEOs like Brandon, who choose to boldly step into their next level of success. It takes courage. But it can be done. 

Are you ready? Is this the year to double profits with about the same headcount? Is it your year to finally earn what you deserve for your decades of skills? Is it your year to build an asset that will create wealth and time freedom now, plus be a vehicle to fund a lucrative exit or retirement? 

Reach out to our team to schedule a time to chat about what’s holding back your business from scaling and the possibilities for your specific situation.